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    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Ive said i wouldnt get this cd b/c to me it just the same songs wit i have all on cd and also its not a proper halloween cd what 3 halloween songs ghosts,somebody watchin me and thriller, but just b/c i havnt got the cd ive pre-ordered the vinyl only b/c its a limted ed and the vinyl glows up...
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    whats your favourite budget make-up brand and products?

    Make up Revlouion, Maybelline and sleek
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    Who uses foundation and why or why not?

    I use MAC sculp is it called for dry skin or True match those are the only ones that helps with my dry skin at the mo, but if anyone can think of any other foundtation for dry skin let me kn. only wear make up when going to work or out.
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    what are your fav bath products?

    I love using my Soup & Glory products or Lush
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    Leanne is in the HOTseat

    Hey Daz, Yeah its been ok Asking someone to cover a shift and them coming bk saying i cant b/c im unwell then on that day u see them in town. OMG b/c im kind, here for people, always smiling and im a good listener. Theres prob other things with all that too. Thanks :) Keep the questions coming. x
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    MJJC Member Pictures !

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    NEW Black or White Behind The Scenes

    Awww he's so cute and funny, Gorgerous. Love seeing new footage of him.
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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase Michaels 2016 official Calendar ive pre-ordered Off the wall (CD/DVD) Blu-ray Spike Lee Doc
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    Couple Claim Michael Jackson’s Ghost Impregnated Woman

    Why don't she just come out with it and say I've cheated on u with a black man [not mj ghost]and the kid is his. What a whole lot of rubbish.
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    Janet Jackson Announces "UNBREAKABLE WORLD TOUR"!!!

    Cant wait seeing Janet next year in Brimingham UK
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    Buy UNBREAKABLE album?

    i think the reason why shes toned it down like the clothes it b/c shes coverted to islam and being married who is islam. anyway the album omg i love it!
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    Buy UNBREAKABLE album?

    Of course ill pick it up on cd, to go to my mini janet collection.
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    Your top 10 short films

    1.Smooth crinimal 2.Leave me alone 3. tdcbu (both) 4. Thriller 5 Ghosts 6. Black or white 7. Earth song 8.Bad 9.Scream 10.Blood on the dancefloor Omg that was hard trying to choose haha
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    Poll: Best Guitarist?

    Jennifer Batten
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    MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: MJJC Member Youtube Channels. Subcribe to my channel come bk to this b/c its saying my channel dont exit
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    Leanne is in the HOTseat

    Hey Daz Anything could happen in a secord House plant dont die yet u need to get me tho the day haha When i was younger my mum did liver, at the time i didnt kn what the meat was so i took one bite and spat it bk out, omg it was discusging hair curlers, my nan brought me them and havnt used as...
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    Leanne is in the HOTseat

    Hey Sarah, all of it
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    MJJC Member Pictures !

    Here I am again
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    The Day Michael Visited Exeter City - Article

    Omg I remember that day, just a shame I didn't have money to go and see him but yeah it was all the talk and loads of people there and fans. Plus Exeter being my home town so..