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    Alice Cooper thread

    I assume I can start this thread. If not, poison it. Are there any Alice Cooper fans here? Favourite albums, band members, stuff like that. For me it has to be Killer, DaDa, The Last Temptation and Brutal Planet.

    Do you think it's right for people to talk about private conversations in public?

    Someone recently had this thought and decided to say it so a whole group of people knew about it - so I thought I'd ask: is it OK, in any circumstance, to talk about private conversations to someone who wasn't part of the original conversation? Your thoughts?

    Diane Warren Appreciation Thread

    The name probably isn't a familiar one to many people but like Jim Steinman, they know the songs. Anyone a fan of the simple but beautiful lyrics this underrated songwriter comes up with?

    Meat Loaf (the singer)

    One of my favourites...anyone else a fan of the stuff he's got out?

    Jimi Hendrix Thread

    There wasn't one before but there is now. Alright - discuss and who knows, maybe we'll learn something new.

    Best posthumous release?

    Alright - other places to discuss vocal controversy, poor song choices etc. This is a poll to find out which posthumous release you think was the best. I know MITM isn't a posthumous single but it was re-released in 2010 so I figure it got a re-release posthumously so that's why it's here...

    Alice Cooper

    From the great, to the weird to great again. Your favourite Coop album (and song)?

    The two things that annoy you about the music industry

    An interesting thought I had earlier. What are the two things that annoy you about the way the music industry releases music?

    Alice Cooper

    First time I've opened a thread in this particular section and maybe this entire forum. Any fans of Alice Cooper around (band or solo)?

    Obscure or strange album covers by well-known artists?

    My first thread here and it's gonna be an interesting one or at least I think it is. Which albums by well-known artists are your favourite album covers and why? Alice Cooper - DaDa (1983) Alice doesn't even remember recording DaDa in 1983 (even the record company was shocked he recorded...