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    The Final Dot Ceremony

    Some fans maybe interested in this event. If I have posted this in the wrong part of the forum I apologise The Final Dot Ceremony As we previously announced, the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is finished. The artist, David Ilan, has drawn millions of dots over thousands of hours. The...
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    Irish Fans for 25th June

    An event is being held in Dublin, Ireland for the 1st Anniversary of Michaels passing. It is an idea that was brought to us from a fan in Paris, France. It is goign to be aa worldwide event. We will be releasing balloons and then fans will give a 2 minute applause after that Heal The World...
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    Man In The Mirror Show, Olympia Dublin.

    There is a show in Dublin called Man In The Mirror its on in the Olympia Theatre. It was on some months before Christmas and I was unable to go to it then. But the show has began again with some more dates this month and I got tickets a few weeks back. Just wondering if anyone from here is...