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    Has anyone see this video of this Elvis Presley performer?

    Has anyone see this video of this Elvis Presley performer? If so what do you think of it? He is in his early 70s.

    If jusus is a spirt or a holy ghost..does it mean that ghosts are real?

    If jusus is a ghost or a holy spirt does it mean when we die we turn into ghosts or a spirit? Cause many people dont think or believe ghosts or spirits are real. What do you think?

    Do you think the new album will grow more on you as time goes by?

    Do you think the new album will grow more on you as time go by? What do you think? To me it will.

    Why do some nice girls last longer with badboys?

    Idk but it seems to me girls and badboys last longer then when girls date fun sweet guys or nice guys. Why is that? Ladies help me understand. Why do girls try to make it work with a badboy and with a guy who i nice..they dump them?

    Any good music albums this year?

    I love music and i love to learn whats good music out there but iam not picky just wanted to know what good music albums are out there.

    How did you feel about Michael Jackson returning to touring?

    How did you feel when Michael Jackson officially announced that he was going to do his last concerts in london? How did it make you feel? I felt happy but i did not understand why he said last concerts in london but i was like wow Michael Jackson going back on tour? This is huge!! This would...

    Why doesnt anyone care to clear Michael Jackson name?

    I see all these anti MJ TV-specials on tv and books and they get the seal of approval to be shown on tv and these books get sold more the truth. But why arent there any people who do make non-anti MJ tv specials that show the good of MJ? I have a ideal why not make Michael Jackson Home private...

    Does Oprah know how Michael Jackson fans feels about her?

    Does she get it? Iam curious to know if she knows how we fans feel about the way she talks about MJ. What do you all think? I mean how can the Jackson family not know what we know?

    How do you remain a child at heart forever?

    whats are the secerts of seeing the world diff then everyone else? MJ was like that right? So whats the secerts to be younger then everyone else in personality?

    What kind of rayban sungglasses did Michael Jackson wear in the late 80s?

    I know they are raybans but the raybans he wore in the late 80s did not have that rayban logo on the top rightside can anyone tell me where can i get some like MJs? Most of the sunglasses that are raybans now have the logo on it right?

    How do u deal with getting older

    We all know getting older is part of life but how do deal with it? You see your face everday in the mirror and u start to notice your face looking older. Sometime its the lighting in the bathroom and sometimes its just life. But how do u deal with it? As for me lol iam like wow iam 31 ha ha i...

    How can i get to Neverland?

    Today i was thinking that i never had any MJ friends around in my life or even around 04-05 and i wish i could have gone to the trial or neverland around them times but now i would still go near Neverland :( i dont care what it takes. MAYBE iam thinking crazy but i love MJ still and iam dealing...

    Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin back in the day..

    Michael loved being around Macaulay Culkin back in the day. I bet Macaulay Culkin was a funny and nice kid to be around. But how did the two meet and how did they get along?

    What everyday things remind of Michael Jackson?

    What things in everyday life make you think of Michael Jackson? As for me umbrellas and children there is more but thats all i think of right now.

    you see Edward Scissorhands and think of Michael Jackson?

    you see Edward Scissorhands and think of Michael Jackson? everytime i see the movie ..i see Michael Jackson cause of the way people see edward..the odd man who lives on the hill..idk but thats how i feel..

    why we the people have to get old ?

    Why do we have to get old? Life is good but why do we have to get old? i mean life is fun when your young and still youthful but after a few years you start to get old and your in pain and the body starts to break down :no: its a sad thing..but you can still keep your mind youthful right?

    michael jackson 1991era vs 2001era look?

    Which look do you like better michael jackson era 1991 or michael jackson 2001era?

    If i was MJ i would have worked on Invincible comeback tour

    I would have loved of MJ had said : "I want to sing the songs from the invincible album on a new tour or make new short /music videos cause i never got to do that back in 2001-2002.." Do you think MJ could have done this even if it never happen back in 2001..2002? What do you think?

    To me it feel MJ is much bigger in death the ever..what do you think?

    To me i feel that he is much BIGGER THEN EVER...what do you think? Like i dont feel he died..yet i know he is gone but idk..

    If MJ was alive and cameback to do a tour how big will it sell?

    If MJ was alive which i dont think so but if he was alive but if he was and came back and did a tour how fast would it sell?