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  1. Dublinproud

    R Kelly's MJ Tribute "Don't Say Goodbye"

    Hey guys I've looked all over for a studio version of this song. As far as i know its an unreleased track. Can anyone tell me where i could get my hands on a good quality copy? Mods if i have posted in the wrong section please move.
  2. Dublinproud

    Guyana girl dies after exorcism

    GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — A 14-year-old girl has died after neighbors and a local pastor tried to treat her convulsions with an exorcism at a church, and Guyanese police said Friday they are investigating. Sangeeta Persaud began to have convulsions as she was drinking tea for breakfast at her...
  3. Dublinproud

    Bakersfield Condors Pay Tribute To Michael

    ECHL's Bakersfield Condors will pay tribute to Michael by having a theme King Of Pop night and they have even designed special jerseys the players will all wear :) I love the jersey!
  4. Dublinproud

    Disgusting Ebay item

    Ok if i'm posting in the wrong section mods i apologise in advance.I am sickened by this and just have to post it to get other fans.Is there no laws on ebay at all? I honestly cant believe someone would be allowed to sell this.What is the world coming to...
  5. Dublinproud

    Joe Jackson...Anyone else find him embarrassing?

    Hey guys, this thread will probably be deleted but i gotta say this and see how many people will agree with me...again this is just my opinion. Just after watching the press conference with Joe and Al Sharpton.His son passes away in very tragic circumstances and Joe comes out and...
  6. Dublinproud

    Thin Lizzy Appreciation Thread

    Just wondering if there's any fans here of this incredible band.I'm definitely a of the most under rated bands ever...and Phil was an amazing frontman from my hometown as well! :)