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  1. mjfan1990

    The Weeknd

    hey has anyone heard of the weeknd how i heard of him from drake :) i've been listening to him since late last year (2011) and he is a really really good artist he has one of the best voices i've ever heard in a long long time real talk so he has released three mixtapes 1. house of balloons 2...
  2. mjfan1990

    playstation network friends add me

    hello fellow mj fans i was wondering if anyone has a ps3 if so add me my gamertag is odizz2k11 and what's yours and i was also wondering if anyone has michael jackson the experience for ps3
  3. mjfan1990

    i met a michael jackson look alike on the strip yesterday

    as me and my friend were walking down the strip in las vegas and we saw a michael jackson look alike and me was shouting michael and i was talking to him a little bit and i started dancing with him and lot of my friends thought i was crazy but they don't understand me but anyways i was trying to...
  4. mjfan1990

    i really want to hear the michael & will i am song

    so i was watching the access hollywood interview from 2006 with michael jackson and when i heard the beats i was like man thoses tracks must be amazing somebody release them
  5. mjfan1990

    Any Usher fans on here?

    i love usher i'ma huge fan of him i really love his music and the way dances especially his song OMG and his other songs
  6. mjfan1990

    Has anyone hear of the illuminati

    i been doing hella research on the illuminati today and man i found hella shocking stuff on there like when i found out they killed mj & 2 pac
  7. mjfan1990

    does anyone notice that music videos just doesn't feel the same anymore

    is it just me or music videos just feel same thing since mj died to be honest i hardly ever watch music videos anymore it just doesn't feel the same anymore
  8. mjfan1990

    I Think Michael is appernce in my dreams

    i been having dreams about michael lately cuz every dream i see him in i tell him that he means so much to me and that he's my idol
  9. mjfan1990

    i'm doing my mj tribute on the 25th

    me & a couple of my friends are doing a tribute for michael we start rehearsals tomorrow the songs that we are doing are gonna be drill/they don't care about us smooth criminal dangerous the way you make me feel/the girl is mine beat it we are the world/you are not alone and i'm still...
  10. mjfan1990

    Has Anyone Listen to Eminem's Old Songs

    his old music before he got famous is soo tight
  11. mjfan1990

    Sick Eminem Freestyle

    this freestyle is sooo sick
  12. mjfan1990

    any mj fans that do music

    as u can see i'm a rapper and singer and i'm in rap group called the W.I.C. the worst in converse and my rap name is OD O Dizz & O Dizzle and i wanna know if any of the mj fans do music
  13. mjfan1990

    Any Soccer fans

    i'm a huge soccer fan my favorite soccer teams are chelsea & manchester united what's yours
  14. mjfan1990

    damn i feel kinda of heartbroken

    i really thought this girl was the one for me but i guess not i feel bummed out somebody please cheer me up
  15. mjfan1990

    eminem's best album

    what do u guys think what's eminem's best album i think his best album is the marshall mathers LP
  16. mjfan1990

    as much i love my country usa but damn

    i'm proud where i came from i was born & raised in united states but damn sometimes united states is racist sometimes exspecially the protest over Illegal immigration in arizona the goverment in arizona are racist like really
  17. mjfan1990

    Any Eminem Listeners here

    i'ma huge eminem fan i first started listening to him when i was in 5th grade i love his music his rapping but even thou i didn't like what he did to michael but i'm pretty sure michael forgave him already and i'm huge a fan of d12 too but any listeners
  18. mjfan1990

    what michael songs can u guys really dance to

    what michael songs i can really dance too is stranger in moscow i just how the beat is how can really feel it the instruments hands down what about u guys what michael songs can u really dance too
  19. mjfan1990

    does anyone play the fifa games

    i love playing fifa from 2007 & up but sadly i don't have a ps3 at the moment so i have a ps2 for now i have fifa 07 but i am hella good in fifa no one and i mean no one can't beat me in fifa just today i was playing my friend in fifa how in the first half i was down 3-1 and later on the second...
  20. mjfan1990

    i'm looking for my soul mate on here

    i am looking for love on here & i wanna know how does it feel like to have a girlfriend that's a hardcore mj fan i know i can play the game and can handle one too i'm so ready but my name is oscar i'm 19 and live in las vegas nv usa but if any ladies on here are single pm me & btw i don't do...