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  1. Maxym

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    I expect that if they would write "what here everyone expects" like "it was not Michael singing", that could have bad legal (and marketing) consequences for them... so maybe they're stuck writing weird stuff. But, who knows...
  2. Maxym

    Is there such a thing as a perfect pressing of the album "Get It Together" ?

    I own the CD from the 2013 Jackson 5 "Complete Album Collection" ... but its mastering is a disaster. I always think that this the album the sound the "most different to others" in the Motown discography... But here the sound is really terrible. I own the CD from 2001 "Two Classics Albums At...
  3. Maxym

    REAL Michael Jackson 4K Content

    Not sure if this was already mentioned elsewhere but I just noticed this on's FAQ regarding 4K, which I had not seen before : (It seems to me that they sometimes update this FAQ showing they're actually paying attention to more things it seems.)
  4. Maxym

    TLC - No Scrubs

    Wasn't that The Way You Make Me Feel and not Beat It? Or both? I never truly understood the "story" in the Scream video... if there is any. Just wondering right now, when MJ breaks a guitar in Scream, who is he paying tribute to ...
  5. Maxym

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    What about a CD release of "When You Wish Upon A Star/Follow the Yellow Brickroad/Ease On Down the Road" medley? Copyright nightmare? Maybe? And I maybe it would fit better with Off The Wall than Thriller ?
  6. Maxym

    The Hoax Theory - Discussing Errors, Inconsistencies, Observations and Other Theories

    @Antwort : The Man seems like a much too long shot. But "viewed from the perspective of the hoax" as you say and songs, Xscape would make more sense I think... as if he was preparing a future exit (and I heard he was very angry when that one leaked...). Two others that I think could make sense...
  7. Maxym

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    Yeah I agree with this one. But the point here is that they are expected to have a good mastering (since that's what MoFi does).
  8. Maxym

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    In a more extensive MJ discography, I think that "Get It Together" CD remasters compete well in there. Also... from my memories Off The Wall 2016 is worse...
  9. Maxym

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    Thriller SACDs: US 1999: Japan 2000: US 2006: US 2006...
  10. Maxym

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    There may be something I not notice yet when I posted: (As MJb2 also juste mentionned). But, only LP and SACD ? And I guess the SACD won't have bonus tracks ? + some SACDs releases of Thriller use the 2008 mastering, making them no better than any...
  11. Maxym

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    The best way not to get disappointed is not to expect too much... Good sign, but still not expecting too much there. + Is the mastering going to even worse than 2008 ? :)
  12. Maxym

    This tweet from the estate is embarrassing

    Not sure if this tweet makes more or less sense than releasing an Halloween compilation of MJ songs...
  13. Maxym

    What is it about Michael’s VOICE?!

    Didn't expect anyone to mention Poly Styrene around here... Also one of my favourite voices... though it's mainly for X-Ray Spex first album. But already, she doesn't fall in the same category as Bob Dylan for me... I'd put Dylan in the a category once define by Joe Strummer talking about...
  14. Maxym

    Any experience with BSCD2s of MJ?

    Thanks though, it's better to compare with ears. Than with numbers... dynamic range is just on information among others.
  15. Maxym

    Any experience with BSCD2s of MJ?

    From what I understood, BluSpec are just CDs that are supposed to be more resistant. If you have it, you still compare it with various versions (with good headphones, better) of the album an tells us what mastering it sounds closer too... Just curious about it. (though I'll expect it's 2012 or...
  16. Maxym

    What will we get for thriller 50?

    disc 5 9 long tracks of interviews of Quincy Jones
  17. Maxym

    Ron Burkle Restoring Neverland

    I'm still waiting for Google Maps update to fully believe it :-)
  18. Maxym

    Non-album tracks released during the lifetime of MJ - Which one do you like at most?

    Ah, now it make some more sense. On 7'' Side A: Part 1 is 3:43 Side B: Part 2 is 2:46 On 12'' (I have this one but without the cover: ) Side A: Part 1 is 7:14 and includes part 2 (and is the same things, remastering...
  19. Maxym

    Non-album tracks released during the lifetime of MJ - Which one do you like at most?

    No, I just checked again, "Part 2" is "Part 1" between timecode 00:03:01 and 00:06:01 (approximately). So, nothing is extended there, Part 2 is just a repeated part from the full length version. I can play both together and only get a tiny echo. Edit: Maybe I first misunderstood your post and...
  20. Maxym

    Review this music and me 1975 live performance!

    Never heard "Sugar Daddy" with adult voice and "Got To Be There" same, but less sure...