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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    HavenÂ’t paid much attention to mj news recently, so I didnÂ’t know. Thanks for clarifying.
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    DidnÂ’t see it on here, just thought I share it.
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    30 mins ago the Mj Instagram Account announced that Talaulega Brothers Are part of the Mj Musical Creative Team. So that seems to be their news and new project.
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    Project: CAPTAIN EO in BluRay / HD Digital Release

    Re: project: CAPTAIN EO in BluRay / HD Digital Release I am still hoping for them to releae a bluray with MJs short films. Just even call it "MJ - King of Short Films. Including restored versions of... -Thriller -Captain EO -Ghosts -BAD -Smooth Criminal -Black or White -Remember the Time And...
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    Thoughts on "Threatened" [MERGED]

    I still think of the Song, the production and vocal effects as a blueprint to many of Lady Gagas songs. I also like that MJ picked up this horror theme multiple times over his career. Although its okay there wasn‘t another horror short film. Thriller and Ghosts are absolutely perfect and...
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    What (in your opinion) are Michael's most profound lyrics?

    Oh, thank you for your answer :) It made me think about the meaning of the song a lot more. A 'thought provocing' answer at its best :) In the end, what we label profund is up to ourselfs i guess. MJ wrote so many great lyrics and they can mean differrent things to all of us. unbelievable great...
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    What (in your opinion) are Michael's most profound lyrics?

    Great thread! I don't know. I find in the few lines of Dirty Diana he describes a situation between 3 people who all struggle with the seduction of fame, prestige and money. Diana, the groupie is the most obvious. She gives herself and her body for it. MJ, the rock star, who can't get rid...
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    What (in your opinion) are Michael's most profound lyrics?

    I love the lyrics from Dirty Diana, especially the third verse. You never make me stay So take your weight off of me —————————— I'll be the freak you can taunt And I don't care what you say I want to go too far I'll be your everything If you make me a star —————————— She said I...
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    [Article] The Everlasting Art of a Visionary

    Good read. Thank u for that.
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    Square One - Documentary about the '93 allegations

    That would be insane...but well overdue. Can‘t he get some kind of immunity for this? Let him keep the money (whatever is left of it). Let him keep his freedom. Just speak the truth and be done with it. Should Jordan have been spoken out years ago. Of course. He was used. By Evan. He...
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    Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday Celebration 2018 Worldwide

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ!! Today I am going to listen to his Albums (from OTW to Invincible) on Vinyl. I dont have to work today and my neighbors will hate or Love me for it. we shall see. Tonight I am going to the movies with friends, my local cinema is showing Moonwalker as a one-off and I am...
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    [NEW] Limited edition picture disc vinyl box set

    true. just preordered History on only mj album (besides BOTD) I don't own on vinyl. happy to get this one, I just hope the sound will be good for a picture disc.
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    [NEW] Limited edition picture disc vinyl box set

    The picture disc records are now available on / for pre-order. The prices are lower than on the official mj store (I just checked douple LPs on 47€ single LPs: 29€
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    Kravitz Announces Duet Song With MJ Samples, on New Album

    Re: Kravitz announces duett with MJ on his new album i think Lenny just took MJs "Hooo" from Another Day and put them in this song. don't hear any MJ vocals on the chorus, but could be wrong. just listened to it once.
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    What does Michael say during Bad Tour 'Rock With You'?

    to me this was always Jacksonese for "everybody" like during Shake your Body he would sing stuff like shake your buddooo. shake your bruttoo. varitions like that, if i am not mistaken. so i think its his way of shouting out everybody = 'body = 'bodoouuu = 'badoo = until it ultimately resulted...
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    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Re: New Album Coming September 29? Posters Located in Germany I've always loved "Scared of the Moon". Such a beautiful song. And I think it fits to the whole "Halloween Theme".
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    1997 - 20 years later

    Great Thread! loving the storys. I was at the first Bremen concert, May 31th 1997. I was 11 years old. I saw the show with my best friend and his parents. We were standing pretty much right in the middle of the stadium. since we were children and could not see anything my friends mother...
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    What do you think the best MJ hype song is?

    'Different Kind of Lady'! I love it. So much energy. Always gets me hyped up! There are maybe a lot more, but this came to mind instantly
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    MJ’s most unusual track

    I would have also said Morphine. And If You Dont Love Me always struck me as a rather unususal track in MJs catalogue.