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  1. Maxym

    The Indispensable Collection

    Indispensable? Come on, it doesn't even have Music & Me!
  2. Maxym

    Thriller night halloween party

    Why vertical video... I'm mean you know that they are two talking but when the guy on the right wants to be seem it's like they need to push each other out of the screen...
  3. Maxym

    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    I didn't follow much, what sanctions were there?
  4. Maxym

    MJJC Discord Server

    I agree, a band I'm following too used to have a big active forum, but most of their community moved to their Facebook Group... As a result content goes through ephemeral Facebook posts and their forum is almost empty, and that "community" became quite boring to me. I see Discord as something...
  5. Maxym

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Yeah... My previous post was sarcastic... Maybe this thread should be renamed "New content, possibilities and conspiracies"
  6. Maxym

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    I've know various companies where 2 or 3 adjacent people could work on the same thing, but not together, and not knowing that others are work on similar project (and it had nothing to do with competitive research or so, it was just wasted work due to poor coordination) ... Maybe things are like...
  7. Maxym

    What Is Michael's Most Underrated Album?

    Music & Me
  8. Maxym

    Was Michael Jackson Autistic?

    I also heard/read that autism is a spectrum and everybody "has autism" to some extent, for some it's a serious pathology. People who have Asperger kids tell me I have Asperger's, people with gifted kids tell me I'm "Gifted"... But I just call that being "cerebral". Some people may see it as...
  9. Maxym

    Posthumous Songs/Albums

    Maybe you will find some interesting info in this 1300+ page long thread: (I haven't read too much of it personally.) Not sure about ethical, but they ruined most of the songs in my opinion (already debated in the "New...
  10. Maxym

    Some posts turned blank

    I have restored the first link I mentioned above, from a copy, so I still have this one:
  11. Maxym

    Incorrect Birthday

    Not everyone, I got 4th April 2004.
  12. Maxym

    Some posts turned blank

    I suspect some characters aren't well digested by some script(s)... As I likely edited parts of these posts in external software such as Word or Excel. (Regarding these specific links, I think that I will be able to get back a copy of the first one.)
  13. Maxym

    Some posts turned blank

    Hello, Some posts turned blank, as first posts in threads: (There may be others.) Is there a way to get...
  14. Maxym

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    No, the forum had a 4 days rollback due to changing server (see this other thread about it:
  15. Maxym

    What is the font used in Ghosts title?

    Yeah, I'm still not used to think to for literaly anything I may ask myself, some computer has the answer!
  16. Maxym

    What is the font used in Ghosts title?

    I just realised there are auto-dectectors for fonts now. It's "LTC Pabst Oldstylee" by Lanston Type Co. And there are many other fonts that look very close.
  17. Maxym

    What is the font used in Ghosts title?

    Anyone know the font used here?
  18. Maxym

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    I'd agree somehow, alternative takes MAY be interesting, but often they are mostly identical or inferior versions... I have one of those Bob Dylan's 6 CD album edition (similar to that concept from Metallica), I don't remember actually listening to it. But anyway this is still an example of...
  19. Maxym

    How many RELEASED songs does Michael Jackson have in his ADULT SOLO CAREER as of 2021?

    Thanks. Right, BOTDF was missing. No, no remixes. I only count live titles that don't already appear in studio recordings since they are "released songs" (as in post title). Regard Michael I prefer leaving things as they are, easier to consider it an album and give priority to album released...
  20. Maxym

    How many RELEASED songs does Michael Jackson have in his ADULT SOLO CAREER as of 2021?

    - Added "Phone messages (Part 1) (So Plush/Rod Jerkins, So Plush Advanced)" in contributions in other peoples discographies, but I'm not sure if it should be counted as it is not really a song. MJ's message is the last one: - Added "Planet Earth...