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    What's your Short Film Headcanon? [Open for Everyone to Participate!]

    :hellooo: Hi everyone! So this isn't a story but it is fiction writing to an extent. I've always had a lot of fun thinking about how some of the songs could be connected, how different characters from different short films can interact, or fun beginnings or endings to the stories in Michael's...
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    Questlove's AllJacksonEverything Series

    Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago, Questlove - famous DJ and drummer for the band The Roots - hosted a series of DJ sessions for all music from the Jackson family. :blush: He had several days and different themes for some of the days (like the first day is Samples and Covers while the last day...
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    Who else is LGBTQ+ here? Also Happy Pride Month!

    Hey y'all! Wishing everyone a happy Pride month, even with the layers of layers of things happening around the world. I've been thinking about this post for a long time and I'm finally just going to go ahead and bite the bullet :fear: Anyone else here a gay woman who is still head over heels...
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    Reconnecting: Newbie wondering if anyone is from MJJEternal?

    Hello all! :clap: Coming back to the fandom is such a wild experience. I don't even really know where to begin so apologies if this post is a little wandering. I recently went to a show by Who's Bad, the MJ Tribute Band, and they were amazing and so so good. It reminded me of all the time I...