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  1. jaorecords

    June 24th Rehearsal Footage

    In the movie THIS IS IT, the footage from the last actual rehearsal on June 24th are the shots where MJ is wearing that black jacket and baggy pants ("Thriller" and "Earth Song"). This comes directly from Orianthi. My friend got to go backstage at her free show at the Palms in Las Vegas tonight...
  2. jaorecords

    June 23rd & 24th THIS IS IT rehearsal AEG Copyright Info. With Set List!!!

    Here is what AEG registered with the copyright office in regards to what was filmed and recorded on June 23rd and 24th. You can see the full set list. Relevance: Type of Work: Preregistration Type of Work Preregistered: Sound Recording Motion Picture Musical Composition...
  3. jaorecords

    "This Is It" song information from the US Copyright Office.

    The song was recorded in 1980 but not officially registered until 1984. Here is the info from the US Copyright Office: This is it / Michael Jackson. Relevance: Type of Work: Music Registration Number / Date: PAu000668598 / 1984-11-16 Title: This is it / Michael Jackson. Description...
  4. jaorecords

    MJ had unreleased music videos scattered in house!!!

    I live in Las Vegas. I went to the house Michael lived in earlier this year last night. There are 2 guards outside. I was talking to one of them and he said nothing in the house has been touched or moved due to a court order. He told me that there were unreleased music videos on burned dvds...
  5. jaorecords

    Rebbie Jackson's 2001 Free Vegas Shows

    I was just wondering if anyone else on this thread ever went to see Rebbie Jackson when she was playing free in the lounge of the old castaways hotel in Las Vegas in the summer of 2001? I went to a bunch of the shows and they were always a blast. I got to meet Rebbie on numerous occasions along...
  6. jaorecords

    Another version of THRILLER 25 found in US Stores!!!

    I work in a mall next to a music store called MUSIC 4 LESS. I went in there to just check to see if they had gotten any special version of THRILLER 25 like the different versions at Best Buy and Circuit City. They did. The sticker read INDEPENDENT MUSIC STORES Exclusive Bonus Track "Billie Jean...