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    Any MJ fans in Vancouver?

    Hi there! :) Just moved in to Vancouver and since I know now one yet, would like to meet MJ fans in my new city :P. Is anyone up for a coffe or drink? :)
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    Michael Jackson Plushie Collection

    Hi! :) Few months ago I've posted an MJ plushie I did myself in another thread, and for what I've observed, other fans have also made plushies of Michael:heart: Feel free to post them here or share the ones you may find online. Let's create a Michael plushie collection:D Here are the ones I've...
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    What to Expect for the 10th Anniversary from the MJ Estate

    I wonder if you guys have heard any hints on the possible projects the State is preparing for the 10th anniversary of his passing :cry:? Considering those things take time, I guess they should be working on it at the moment, or about to. Or do you think they won't take advantage to grab some...
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    MJ Funko POP Collection Appreciation Thread

    Is there anyone else who like me, likes to collect Funko pop vinyls? Personally, I like them and have collected a few through the years, and OF COURSE my favorite one (in a tie with Thorin Oakenshield lol) is Michael! Now, there are 5 models of MJ being made to date, my favorite one is the...
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    As I was surfing online, came across with this beautiful article here that really moved me... Personally, I've became a hardcore fan of Michael quite recently, yet I can identify with this article a lot... :heart: MICHAEL JACKSON FANS ARE A RARE BREED - A MUST READ - BE PROUD MJ FANS!! This...
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    For the spiritual/who believe in heaven/after life...

    what do you think Michael is doing right now? I'm curious on what are your thoughts on this regard. (Hope it's ok for me to ask this type of question here, if not, feel free to remove the thread)
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    MJ merchandise wish list

    Hi guys, I wonder what is your MJ merchandising dreamed wish list? Here is mine: - T-shirt with cool pics of Michael - Bed sheets and pillows :D - I want so badly for HOT TOYS to do more dolls of MJ! Have 3 of them in my possession and gosh, that's what I call a fine job! Even talked to the...
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    Which Songs Should Have Had Their Own Short Film?

    Not sure if this topic has been discussed yet but, what do you think? Personally I'd say Dangerous and Unbreakable, those 2 songs have so much potential for a short film!!
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    Best Michael Jackson APPs for your phone

    Hi! The other day was checking out the app store and was surprised with the variety of Apps dedicated to our Michael. For example, there's one that cracked me up where there's the button 'Aaow!' and the goal of the game is to press it as many times as possible :hysterical: And of course, some...
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    FC BARCELONA supporters!! Visca el Barça!

    Any other BARÇA fan in this community?? :clap: What a great season we're doing in LA LIGA!!
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    Michael Jackson Plushie Version

    Hi everyone! I've been working on this little fellow for several weeks and wanted to share it with you here. What do you think of the result? It's my very first attempt on doing a Michael plushie so... :blush: Please don not repost it thanks :) <blockquote class="instagram-media"...
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    Grammy Awards 1984 HD pictures request

    Hi! I'm looking for high resolution pictures of the jacket mainly, I want to reproduce it :blush: Could you kindly post some HD close ups of the jacket so I can see the fabrics and golden details well? Thanks in advance guys!
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    Most popular Facebook fan pages as of December 2017 - Guess who is on the list ;)

    Hi! Found this interesting article about the Most popular Facebook fan pages as of December 2017. Michael is still pretty up on the list which I'm very happy for
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    Michael in the metro...???

    Does anyone know the story behind this? lol Found this on tumblr today :laughing:
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    Cuteness overload <3

    Hi! Here are some of the most adorable pics of Michael I've found online, feel free to share yours so we can all have a sugar rush lol
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    Was Michael fan of Tolkien?

    Hi :) Not sure if this belongs here since it's my very first thread. It's well known he was a fan of SW (I'm not, at all to be honest lol), but since I'm a massive fan of Tolkien myself, always wondered if he was a Lord of the Rings fan? So far didn't find any info on that regard. Does any one...