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  1. Eric

    Is there an official 2022 calendar?

    I can't seem to find an official 2022 MJ calendar. Is there one?
  2. Eric

    anyone have the armband hoodies from official MJ store?

    I was thinking of buying one of the hoodies from MJ's official store. They are $85, which is quite expensive in my opinion. Does anyone have one? What kind of quality are they? Are they worth $85. I've always wanted some clothing that has an armband on it.
  3. Eric

    company that runs official MJ store has removed MJ merch from their online store

    MusicToday is the company that runs the online store on They have a general website where they combine all the merchandise from all the artists web stores that they run. They have now taken down Michael Jackson merchandise from their general web store. This is complete BS...
  4. Eric

    2018 vinyl reissues of The Jacksons and Goin Places

    The Jacksons and Goin Places were reissued this past February. I've never owned either of these albums so I think I might buy them. Has anyone here bought them?
  5. Eric

    Michael Jackson 2017 calendar from BrownTrout Publishers US

    Found images from the 2017 MJ calendar Looks different from the Dangerous calendar from Danilo in the UK. Maybe the US calendar and the UK calendar will be different this...
  6. Eric

    2016 Vinyl Reissues of OTW, Thriller and Bad

    Looks like OTW, Thriller and Bad will be getting reissued on vinyl this week. I don't think OTW had been issued on vinyl in the USA for a really long time so that's good news.
  7. Eric

    Dangerous album re-issued in the USA on vinyl?

    Hey guys, I was browsing the facebook pages of independent record stores in my area (Washington, DC) in preparation of Record Store Day - black friday. I want to get Paul Mccartney and MJ Say Say Say which is going to release that day. On store made a post that they just received the Dangerous...
  8. Eric

    Bonus track for Xscape vinyl?

    Bonus track for Xscape vinyl? Exclusive song! Does anyone know if the bonus track for Xscape vinyl will be LNFSG with Justin Timberlake? The press release wasn't clear and the way I read it they left the door open for it to be a different track.
  9. Eric

    Bad 25th vinyl release pushed back in USA, maybe to coincide with documentary release?

    I have the Bad 25th vinyl (not the picture vinyl) on preorder with amazon. The release date has been pushed back to February 12th. Perhaps this was done to coincide with the release of the Bad 25th Documentary on home video. We know that it is supposed to be released in February.
  10. Eric

    Did anyone purchase the Bad Tour jacket?

    Has anyone bought this jacket? Is it good quality?
  11. Eric

    This Is It vinyl

    Does anyone here have the This Is It vinyl set? I'm wondering if it comes with a code in the box that allows you to download a digital copy of the album.
  12. Eric

    Now would be the right time to release Moonwalker in the USA!

    Since we are celebrating 25 years of Bad, I think it's really about time the USA gets Moonwalker on DVD and Blu-Ray. I know it's possible to buy from other countries, but we need a proper release for us!
  13. Eric

    Where are you going to put the Bad 25 sticker that comes with the album?

    What are you going to do with it? I need some ideas. I was thinking of just putting it on the back of the collector's edition box.
  14. Eric

    post your IJCSLY vinyl single serial number

    Mine is number 8795!
  15. Eric

    physical stores that will be selling IJCSLY 7" vinyl in the USA

    Does anyone have a clue what stores in the USA might be selling the IJCSLY vinyl? I prefer to buy things in stores instead of online if I can. I can't imagine when was the last time a 7" vinyl has been sold in a store in the USA. 15, 20, 25 years ago? I know you can still buy 12" vinyl at...
  16. Eric

    post your IJCSLY CD single serial number

    Mine is 12,864. Post yours!
  17. Eric

    How did MJ not slip while dancing in loafers?

    So we all know MJ would dance in his signature loafers. Most loafers have a leather sole and are very slick. I'm sure wearing loafers helped MJ when doing the moonwalk and other moves. But at other times I don't know how MJ never slipped on stage. If you've ever tried to run in a pair of...
  18. Eric

    MJ cards trading thread

    Let's us this thread to trade cards and try to complete our collections. I'm looking for 152 red. I have plenty of cards for trade. Cards I have for trade: Red Foil base cards...
  19. Eric

    "Elizabeth, I Love You" should be released for charity

    I think it would be a good idea to release "Elizabeth, I Love You" and then donate the profits to charity. Liz's AIDS foundation would be a good choice. Michael's performance of the song was lip-synced so I'm sure there is a studio recording of the song somewhere.
  20. Eric

    Space Channel 5: Part 2 coming to XBLA and PSN Space CHannel 5: Part 2 is going to be released by Sega in 2011! Part 2 featured a good amount of MJ in the game. Since MJ's voice is in the game, I'm guessing they had to get approval of the...