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  1. Snow White 1937

    The list of people, you want to avoid.

    Seth Meyers He did a segment called 'Seth on Dr Seuss' on March 4 this year. He talked about the book 'Hop on Pop' and said that Seuss made the second most money of any dead person last year. He carried on explaining that the only person who made more money was Michael Jackson. And then he...
  2. Snow White 1937

    BBCRadio2 (Allegedly) Drops MJ's Music

    Re: BBCRadio2 Drop MJ's Music That's good to know. The German BILD reported this morning, that BBC2 had dropped MJ from their playlist. Good to know it's not true.
  3. Snow White 1937

    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Re: The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread I'm so tired of this crap. The Estate does nothing. They simply hope it will eventually blow over as it always has. The problem is, all these lies have been regurgitated for 3 f*cking decades! People believe these stories. And now they've got a...
  4. Snow White 1937

    The list of people, you want to avoid.

    She made some terrible jokes about him. She's a crude person anyway. Screw her. What did Graham Norton (I would like to know because I watch his show) and Jane Fonda say exactly? Rebel Wilson's comment annoyed me. They talked about watching MJ in concert. She said 'I remember at the end they...
  5. Snow White 1937

    Short Hair

    Wow, I've never seen this one before. Is it real? When was this pictures taken?
  6. Snow White 1937

    The Eagles Greatest Hits Album Surpasses Thriller in the USA

    Re: The Eagles dethrone Michael Jackson with all-time top-selling album When my husband sent me a link to this story, my first reaction was: records are there to be broken. Congrats. Honestly, even if they had broken MJ's record, it wouldn't have bothered me because it doesn't take away from...
  7. Snow White 1937

    The Eagles Greatest Hits Album Surpasses Thriller in the USA

    Re: The Eagles dethrone Michael Jackson with all-time top-selling album Soooooo last year RIAA said Thriller was the number one album of all time (in the US) with 33 million sales. The Eagles were at 29 million. Today they are at 38 million. How on earth is it possible that they sold 9 million...
  8. Snow White 1937

    Richard Marx trashes Michael Jackson on his 60th B'day

    Good grief, Richard. What's wrong? Low on cash? Need some attention? I hope you enjoyed your 2mins of fame. You are irrelevant. What a pr*ck! He's officially on my sh*t list now.
  9. Snow White 1937

    Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday Celebration 2018 Worldwide

    Happy birthday, babe. For 30 years you have been and will always be the love of my life. Miss you and love you every day.
  10. Snow White 1937

    Remembering Michael on June 25th

    I miss you so much, my sweet, sweet darling. There isn't a day when I don't think of you. I am so happy and grateful to have lived in a time when you were still alive. Thank you for the magic and the love. You have shaped and influenced my life like you won't believe. I will love you until the...
  11. Snow White 1937

    Janet Jackson officialy annunces her pregnancy

    Congratulations, Janet.
  12. Snow White 1937

    Prince wrote a sonnet for his father's birthday

    Heartfelt and beautiful.
  13. Snow White 1937

    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day Ooohhh yessssss
  14. Snow White 1937

    The Jacksons' relationship with Michael

    Actually, as far as I remember she did not decline. She said in 2009 that of course she would look after the children if it was Michael's wish.
  15. Snow White 1937

    Songs That Aren't By Michael But Sound Like A Michael Song

    Pretty much everything Justin Timberlake does. Usher has got a lot of song that sound MJ-esque. When I first heard Marilyn Monroe by Pharrell Williams, I thought it sounded soooo Michael. And I'm certain MJ would have made a much better video
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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase I just bought one from ebay:
  17. Snow White 1937

    Music & Me vs Ben vs Who's Lovin' You

    Wow, very tough choice here. The vocals on Who's Loving You are magnificent, simply marvelous, and as wipumj said Ben is just epic. However, as a few of you already mentioned, Music and Me IS Michael, so it gets my vote :)
  18. Snow White 1937

    Happy Birthday Michael - We Love You

    Happy birthday, babe. :girl_give_heart::snuggles: I have been quite depressed in the last couple of weeks (especially with June 25 approaching), it just happened out of the blue... I was listening to Heart playing Human Nature and The Girl is Mine, and suddenly your death hit me like a ton of...