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  1. Jey B

    I love you

    I love every one of this forum. This forum is divine blessing! The owner of this forum is blessed by God Here I find peace and love, love, love... Only peopl never leave me. I'm sad, More will pass this pain. Thank you all for caring God bless you Sorry my mistakes in English
  2. Jey B

    (We Are The World) fans

    Hellouuuuuu, I again subis!:cheeky: I was thinking fans of Mike if we could make a video of him singing!:yes: What do you think? We could make a video that neither the artist did with the music (We Are The World) Would be nice!!!:clapping: Here in Brazil we'll do!!!!!!:punk: ???
  3. Jey B

    *Billie Jean* PLEASE, PLEASE...

    My name is Subis, I fron Brasil. Pleae, help, please... :( you have news of Billie Jean?? PLEASE!!:angel: She does not answer my message, I'm afraid that she did something :mello::bugeyed ???? Thank you for your attention!!!! Please, if someone knows of her, let us know in this thread!
  4. Jey B

    Brasil love Mjj community

    Hiiiiii!!! My name is Subisss.. I love Mike, I love MJJ community Add me on my youtube channel Please :clapping::smilerolleyes::better: Sorry, I think I put in the wrong place.. sorryyy... I want to make friends with fans Mike :agree::cheers:
  5. Jey B

    Who saw him personally?

    Hiiiii!!! My name Subis:tease: I live in Brasil :):cheeky: I would like to know who met Michael in person:dancin: Who got lucky?:clapping: :):) sorry, if you can not understand me!!!!:scratch:
  6. Jey B

    Oieeeee sou nova aqui

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! My name is Subis, i live in Brasil!! I love Mike very, very, very!!!!!!!! I add fãs of mike ok? I want to be friends of fans of mike:cheeky: sorry, someone speaks Portuguese here? please??:clapping::clapping: