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  1. Gonetoosoon

    Why did HIStory have so few singles?

    Why did HIStory have so few short films and singles? The success of Michael Jackson as an artist was helped due to the brilliant and creative ways he promoted his music - through a mix of single releases and iconic short films. I feel HIStory suffered (like Invincible) due to a severe lack of...
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    Rank Invincible from 1 to 16

    Invincible as we know, has always generated a lot of discussion on these forums. It is a polarising album to some but we all have our favourites from the record. Rank the Invincible album - 1 to 16. You favourite track will occupy the number one spot, and your least favourite the sixteenth...
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    Favourite RnB Track on Invincible?

    The RnB sector of the Invincible album contains some of Michael's best work of his entire career. These four songs are constantly on repeat and I love all of them dearly. -Break of Dawn -Heaven Can Wait -You Rock My World -Butterflies Which is your favourite? :dancin::wild::clapping:
  4. Gonetoosoon

    'Another Part of Me' Meaning?

    I don't get the lyrics particularly? The lyric 'You're just another part of me' is a little confusing. Is Michael saying we're all together in this? Or .. is he saying.. the person that he is, is made up of people who unite behind him? What do you guys think exactly?
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    Michael Jackson: The Year 2009

    I couldn't find any thread for it so I thought I'd make this... Post any shots you have of Michael. There are some wonderful photos in his final months. :love:
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    Favourite Quincy produced MJ Album?

    The holy trinity - Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad. The albums which started it all and are amongst the best selling of all time. These records changed the face of music forever and contain some of Michael's greatest work Which of these albums where Quincy Jones was producer do you prefer most...
  7. Gonetoosoon

    Who Is It vs Stranger In Moscow

    :swoon: Tough right? I choose Stranger In Moscow.
  8. Gonetoosoon

    'Don't Walk Away' Appreciation

    This to me is the ultimate break-up song. The lyrics on this and the pain in the Michael's voice just tears me apart. I think for anyone who has been broken up with or had their heart broken will understand and appreciate this song. The way this song builds up through its use of strings and...
  9. Gonetoosoon

    Track Seven: Which was best??

    As we know, Michael loved the number 7. His first, middle and last name all had seven letters for e.g ;D Here are a list of Michael Jackson tracks in the track 7 position from his studio albums; -She's Out Of My Life -Human Nature -Man In The Mirror -Heal The World -Money -Butterflies They...
  10. Gonetoosoon

    Would Michael's next album have been angry?

    Following the 1993 allegations we obviously had the album HIStory which was very angry in nature for obvious reasons. If Michael had been able to release his 11th studio album - do you think the nature of the songs would have taken on a more angry tone? Or do we feel that due to his age and...
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    Dangerous Short Films: Which is Best?

    To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, I thought it'd be fun to see which short film of Dangerous the community likes best! Dangerous IMO was one of Michael's most creative periods from a short film perspective. Amazing camera work, great collaboration with different directors and styles and was so...
  12. Gonetoosoon

    If you were only allowed ONE Michael Jackson album...

    ..To listen to for the rest of your life.. which one would it be?? Totally hypothetical situation of course and oh so difficult too! :pirate:
  13. Gonetoosoon

    We've Had Enough - Too Political?

    We've Had Enough is one of my most favourite Michael Jackson songs. It is crafted so wonderfully through its epic build up - only comparable to Earth Song. However, as we know it was never released on a studio album and instead popped up on The Ultimate Collection. Many people blame the...
  14. Gonetoosoon

    Ride With Me - Real or Fake?

    Feat Rodney Jerkins. I've seen many different claims made by many different people. Is Michael doing the background vocals on this track or not? It sounds incredibly like him. I searched for past topics but found none. Sorry if this has been discussed/concluded before. Anyone got an idea?
  15. Gonetoosoon

    Post Your Dangerous Collection!

    To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dangerous I thought it'd be interesting to see what items everyone has from the Dangerous era! Here are mine. I need to collect the singles! -4 x 2001 Special Editions -1 x Original 1991 CD -1 x Dangerous Short Films DVD -1 x Michael Jackson: Dangerous...
  16. Gonetoosoon

    Which songs from Dangerous are your favourite?

    Mine are: -Jam -Remember The Time -Can't Let Her Get Away -Heal The World -Will You Be There -Black Or White -Dangerous What are yours? 20 years of Dangerous :woohoo::woohoo:
  17. Gonetoosoon

    Michael talks about Unbreakable

    This is my favourite track off Invincible. Where's the love for this track? Truly one of the all time great Michael Jackson songs. This is what Michael said about Unbreakable back in a radio interview in 2001; "I've been to hell and back. I have to be honest, and still I am able to do what I...
  18. Gonetoosoon

    Favourite Songs on Immortal?

    It's only just been released - but what is everyone's opinion on the tracks? Which are your favourite? I would have made a poll but with a total of 27 tracks it's a little difficult. Here's the track listing off the Deluxe Edition; -Working Day and Night -Immortal Intro -Childhood -WBSS -Shake...
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    Why was there no Panther Dance on tour?

    The Panther dance scene at the end of 'Black or White' is possibly one of the greatest moments of a Michael Jackson short film. It had so much passion, incredible dancing and a deep message to those watching it. As we know due to its 'violence' and 'inappropriate' themes the final 6 minutes were...
  20. Gonetoosoon

    Keep The Faith vs Cry

    Which is better? It's tough for me but I'm going to go with Cry.