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  1. nadia_j

    Michael and Live Aid

    I was wondering lately why Michael didn't perform at Live Aid conert in 1985. Does anybody know anthing about it? thanks :)
  2. nadia_j

    Some people's view about MJ - how change their mind?

    Yesterday I was at party in pub and I was talking about Michael with one guy. He said to me that MJ is overrated... when I asked why he thinks this way he said that MJ in truth isn't big thing and 'before he died there weren't any fans of him and now sudently everyone loves him...' I was like...
  3. nadia_j

    In memory of Freddie Mercury

    Today's 18th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death... Rest in peace Freddie! Now they can sing "There Must Be More To Life Than This" together again... :cry: God bless them both.
  4. nadia_j

    A little poem that remembers me of Michael...

    :wub: “He – inspired and young, their quantity innumerable He cheered them up with a song, he sang that daybreak is near Thousands of candles they burned for him, smoke above their heads He sang that this is the time to tear down the wall They sang along with him (…)” ^^ on polish lesson we had...
  5. nadia_j

    Our MJ-ed rooms ;)

    (I was looking for topic like this but I didn't find. Sorry if there was one like this before. And I'm also not sure if I putted it in right section) Show your MJ rooms guys! anything what is connected with Michael in your room - posters, pictures on the wall, anything! I'll start with mine :)...
  6. nadia_j

    Our profiles...

    Well, I was looking for this thread and I didn't find... If there is somewhere already - I'm sorry... :) (and I'm also not sure if I putted it in well section...) Let's share our profiles, what do you think? maybe we also could make some group like "MJJ Community" or something like this...