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  1. KOPV

    Project Vertias & voter fraud

    Soooo... I'm beyond tired of the news and the hearsay BS around the election - Project Veritas, James O'Keefe, and these supposed stories of USPS workers stating one thing than another. Has anyone done decent research around this that can help show it for what it is? I hear these debates all...
  2. KOPV

    IN JUSTICE 'Gutierrez Files: Puppeteering the Lies"

    Hey everyone, Some have been asking for this so I figure I'll share the link here. The document is around 45 pages with pics. So there was no way to just copy/paste. This dissects Gutierrez like never before. Since these projects have been somewhat taking me away from chatting daily with...
  3. KOPV

    IN JUSTICE: When You Prey Upon a Star (analysis of LN wedding and ring segment) *new info

    Good afternoon truth advocates, I am happy to present a new IN JUSTICE project When You Prey Upon a Star A deep analysis of Leaving Neverland's wedding and ring segment. It has never before discussed information in a public setting, Discuss thoughts, ideas, and reaction to the information...
  4. KOPV

    IN JUSTICE 'Truth Runs Marathons': A collective guide surrounding Leaving Neverland

    Hi MJJC family & advocates all around the world, This document is a collective summary of information gathered from court documents, interviews, and Leaving Neverland. Let's proactively share the facts within this guide, to spread the truth surrounding Michael Jackson. Our goal is to unite...
  5. KOPV

    Wade and James fact sheet! Put input

    EDIT: This has now turned into a full guide & campaign called IN JUSTICE - which can be found here: Please join us & spread the message...
  6. KOPV

    Any Insomnia sufferers

    Hi all, I decided to write this just to see if I can find people out there that relate and maybe I can find hope.. I have been a light sleeper for most of my life, the past 6 months I have been dealing with chronic insomnia. It is causing a deep depression, foggy brain, poor choices in...
  7. KOPV

    Hugh Hefner Passes away

    Hugh Hefner, who created Playboy magazine and spun it into a media and entertainment-industry giant — all the while, as its very public avatar, squiring attractive young women (and sometimes marrying them) well into his 80s — died Wednesday at his home, the Playboy Mansion near the Beverly Hills...
  8. KOPV

    Possible Connection between Michaels voice and Vitiligo!

    We often discuss Michael and come to a logical understanding of who he was by psychologically putting ourselves in his shoes. (His childhood was robbed from him/In the spotlight since a child/introduced to sexuality at a young age etc.) I’d like to take a moment to discuss things in a...
  9. KOPV

    The Steve Avery & Brandon Dassey case

    Ok I know I am late to the game but I just finished 'Making A Murderer', and I can't get it out of my head.. Before I state my opinion, what do you guys think of the case and the story???
  10. KOPV

    Michaels later body of work

    Hi all, I thought it would be nice to re-gather information we know about what Michael worked on prior to passing to get an idea of what "new" stuff is out there and get an idea of what possibly could have been "to come" in MJ's plan... Below is a fact sheet a finalized and shared with MJJC...
  11. KOPV

    Jermaine Jackson - Halima Rashid files for Divorce

    I apologize in advanced if a thread has been made about this.. But it comes at no BIG surprise but Halima has officially filed for divorce according to a few articles I found. Considering the last public blow out, it is probably for the best. A couple articles about it...
  12. KOPV

    Kickboxer: Retaliation

    I don't know how many Martial Art fans are here.. I definitely grew up watching Van Damme so I am excited for the Kickboxer remake.. And this time Van Damme is playing the teacher/trainer. Where as in the original he was the guy that was trained.. Kind of cool spin on it...
  13. KOPV

    Tupac Biopic

    I apologize if there is already a thread for this but.... considering how interested I am in this and the random pics/footage that has been out I am surprised its not in the first couple pages. lol They finished filming no too long ago.. hopfully we get a trailer In the near future! Last day...
  14. KOPV

    Iconic artist PRINCE passes away at age 57

    I say this with a saddened heart.... It has been reported that The Iconic artist Prince has passed away at age 57.
  15. KOPV

    Landed in Lond8n

    Hi everyone, i just landed in heathrow airport, first time visitor.. wondering what anyone thinks i should be doing and "must do's" while here... any sudgestions?? :)
  16. KOPV

    Which Jackson's have the best voice ?

    In my opinion the only 3 Jacksons that have good voices are.. 1 MICHAEL (The greatest) 2 Janet (good, does not have as much range as some singers but still good enough to get noticed) 3 Jermaine (Decent, I don't think with his voice alone he would have ever been famous though The other...
  17. KOPV

    Small businesses in los angeles area

    Hey everyone, I am an IT Product and Business Consultant, I help companies find ways of reducing operating expenses and maximizing the return on IT investment. If you or anyone you know is an IT manager or C level position within a company withing the (mid/southern) California area please...
  18. KOPV

    Planet Fitness (A gym that preaches "No Judgement" but teaches Segregation)

    Those who don't know I am a fitness professional that takes health and fitness passionatly. I am learning more about this rediculous gym Planet Fitness and I cannot believe the things they are doing.. Ill let these videos do the talking for me! each video has something to show...
  19. KOPV

    Michaels last.............. We should really pro activaly get his last public performance.. 2002

    This is something I was doing years ago and dropped the ball when I was close, but I really think that we should try to get the last performance(s) Michael did in public.. His last performance was was at the Apollo Theatre in 2002 for Bill Clinton.. Only part of it was telivised and the rest...
  20. KOPV

    MJ Unreleased Song Titles (paper from inside his house) am I late on this?

    MJ Unreleased Song Titles (paper from inside his house) I might be really late but Ive been watching this documentary im on PART 2 of 'The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson'.... there are pics of the home and I see a note that has a list of song titles.. Did anyone katch this? I see titles...