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  1. Arklove

    Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Tribute in LEGO

    I just came across this the other day...It's genius! Check it out :D qaO2ohOy8aI
  2. Arklove

    25 Ways to Wear a Scarf!

    I came across this great video...Just thought I'd share! :D 5LYAEz777AU
  3. Arklove

    The ANYTHING Thread

    This is a thread just for relax, act silly....ANYTHING! :D
  4. Arklove

    Epic parts of Michael's songs! [merged]

    Ok, I wanted to start this thread because of certain parts of his songs that just get me completely pumped...Or a surge of joy, or just makes me go crazy...The parts I'm talking about are the parts that make you shush everyone around you, saying, 'I LOOOOOVE this part!! It's so...
  5. Arklove

    iPod Touch to iPhone 4

    I just got an iPhone and I'm trying to transfer everything from my iPod to my iPhone....The problem is that it seems like only certain parts are transferring....For example...All my apps and settings and stuff of that nature have transferred over, and only about maybe 10% of my music...I don't...
  6. Arklove

    Does anyone have this pic of young MJ?

    Hey everyone! Does anyone have this pic? I'd love it in HQ if anyone has's one of my absolute fave pictures of him :wub: Please and thank you! :angel:
  7. Arklove

    Michael at the '84 American Music Awards

    Does anyone have any HQ photos of Mike at this event? I LOVE him in the red, and wearing a black sparkly glove...he looks SO cool! This is the only one I have
  8. Arklove

    Thriller--Private Home Light Show--Must See!!!!

    Halloween Light Show - Thriller This is so cool!! :woohoo:
  9. Arklove

    Sondra & Elvin are back from a Bad Concert -Cosby Show

    hahha...Love this! I thought 'Michaelmania' was the perfect thread to put this in, since, well, clearly this was Michaelmania! I remember this episode when I was younger....
  10. Arklove

    World's Strongest Toddler (MJ

    Ok, I was watching TLC last night, and there was a show about a little boy, 3 years old, named Liam, who has an abnormal muscle mass, a rare condition called myostatin. Here's a little article about him.... Now, watching it reminded me...
  11. Arklove

    World's Strongest Toddler (MJ This is sorta old news, I guess, but I was watching TLC last night about this amazing child who was born with an abnormally large muscle mass, and a condition called myostatin.. The reason this reminds me of Michael, is because of Mike's...
  12. Arklove

    Costumes from Eddie Murphy's 'Coming to America' (MJ related)

    Ok, I don't have any comparison pics/videos...I've been searching Youtube and what not, and couldn't find any pictures to back this up, but has anyone ever noticed that the costumes in the very beginning of the movie, in the palace, there are a few people that are wearing this exact costume...
  13. Arklove

    MJ You Tube Vids! Eddie Murphy voice overs! SOO funny!!

    Random MJ videos with Eddie Murphy snippets...:lol: *warning...language...snippets from 'Raw'* This is just too funny! Check out 0:09 to 0:50 on this one...OMG...:hysterical: and on this one.....1:32 to the end....:lmao: :hysterical:
  14. Arklove

    Does anyone have this pic of MJ......

    in bigger, better quality? :D :flowers: Angel.....:heart:
  15. Arklove

    Jackson 5 - Ain't No Sunshine (Live At The Forum 1972)

    Can we please just talk about the genius that is this?? :dropdead:
  16. Arklove

    Michael as Charlie Chaplin

    Hey! Does anyone have any HQ pictures of Michael as Charlie Chaplin? I realized I don't have any in my collection of pictures :( Please and thanks! :D
  17. Arklove

    How would you describe Michael's voice.... someone who's never heard it before? :D
  18. Arklove

    Alternative Stranger in Moscow on

    Hey! I've been hearing this little snippet of SIM on and it sounds like there's an electric guitar in it...Does anyone know where I can find this version? Can't seem to find it on YT....Please and thanks in advance! :D EDIT: maybe I should have put this thread in 2000 watts...
  19. Arklove

    Your Fave MJ Dance Moves!

    I think this will be a fun thread! Post pics/gifs of your fave Michael moves....they don't have to be iconic (well, to me, they're ALL iconic!) or well-known, but whatever ones you find cool/stunning/brilliant/sexy...or whatever! here are a few of mine! SWAGGA! one of the coolest...
  20. Arklove

    Knock, knock! Who's there? it's Billie Jean!

    love this! :wub: