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  1. Petals

    Much Too Soon (new album)

    Holy Mother!! :boohoo: How many of you have listened to Much Too Soon? This song is sooo beautiful and sooo angelical, I'm speechless!! I've just listened to that song (18 secs only) and I'm sooooo touched by the lyrics and the way Michael sings it!! Jesus!! :boohoo: I caaant wait to listen to...
  2. Petals

    Janet Jackson FB real or fake? Please help!

    Hello people! So I wanna know if Janet has a personal FB page! I have my doubts, but I dont want to offend her by asking if it is really her, ya know what I mean? I'm finding it a little suspicious just because I dont think she would say some things that is posted by "her" on FB. I could be...
  3. Petals

    Janet fans, help me! :)

    Hello peoplez :) I soooOOoOOOoOOOoooOO want to download Janet Live in Hawaii!! :wild: Can you guys pls help me? Where can I find it (high quality)? Please help me! Thank you very much!! That show is wild, awesome!! :wild:
  4. Petals

    new banner

    Wow!! I love the new banner!!! :D Thank you!!! Great job!! :flowers:
  5. Petals

    Were there any cameras in the house? (I think this is IMPORTANT)

    So, I was reading the Doctor's office raid thread when I read this and I almost jumpped from my chair. Let me quote Missy here: So after I read that, I was like OMG OMG OMG :bugeyed how come I didnt think of that before?? Unfortunately Missy also said that the tapes had gone missing! :( BUT...
  6. Petals

    "The pain gets stronger every day" :(

    Hello friends! I hope it's ok starting a new thread about my feelings! I just wanted to say how sad I (still) am. It's a terrible feeling, and I know I'm not the only one. I know you all are suffering too! :( "Oh boy", I used to come here to read the news, search for new MJ pics, talk about...
  7. Petals

    I still believe this is the truth...

    Hey friends!! I really really want (and need) to share my feelings! Because I still believe this is the truth. I just have this feeling that our Angel Michael was terrified about these 50 shows!! And nobody heard him. Nobody really cared. Don't you ever forget Michael's own words: "You will do...
  8. Petals

    My dear friends!! What SONG is this??

    Hey friends!! I'm watching CNN (been watching CNN since MJ passed away) and now they're talking about Mike and showing some images and stuff like that, and there was this song in the background but I could not clearly hear it! It says something like ".........the world at all" :unsure: I just...
  9. Petals

    Anyone watching CNN? :(

    My friends!! I'm in tears again!! I'm watching CNN and I CANNOT believe what I'm seeing, I CANNOT believe CNN is showing something like that, in a moment like this!! This is disgusting my friends!! :boohoo: I'm furious! I'm furious! I wish somebody could stop those bastards from showing this...
  10. Petals

    I am SOOO tired of the damn rules!! ...

    I was going to reply to a thread, but guess what? IT HAS BEEN REMOVED!! I'm so so so f*cking tired of it!!! :bugeyed I'm hurting so so bad, and I'm furious with some facts!! "Oh Michael was in perfect health" HELLOOOWWWW!!!! STOP trying to hide things, deleting thread and say everything was...
  11. Petals

    Andru Donalds - Best Of

    Hello everybody!! Since this a huge community I thought I could ask you this here!! I love Andru Donalds, and I've been searching for his CD (Best Of 2006) all over the World, and I can't find it! :bugeyed :no: I'm from Brazil so I can't buy things from amazon or ebay! :( So, does anyone of...
  12. Petals

    ERIC BENET!!! Any TrueEBFan here? :)

    :hello: I am a huuuuuge Eric Benet fan!! I've got all his 4 albums and I love (almost) all his songs. I said "almost" because there's always that kind of song that you cant relate to, but they are very few. So, I sooo want to know if there's any Eric Benet fan here!! :) Let me know!! And let...
  13. Petals

    MJ - The Magic and the Madness book

    I'm thinking about buying this book, since its available in my country and its in portuguese. Should I buy this book?