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  1. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    which members have a myspace and hyves/facebook and other links

    Post Your Hotmail, Myspace, & Facebook Thread!!! Myspace page: & Facebook: & also Bebo:
  2. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    what the last book you read?...

    Strangers In Death-by J.D Roob
  3. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    What is the Last Music Bio Book You've Read?

    Diana Ross A Biography-by J. Randy Taraborrelli
  4. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    I can make siggys and avatars for You! =)

    Okay I have tons of pics on my photo album on photobucket so here is: *loading* ......... I need wallpapers: Chris Brown Grammy's Feb 10, 2008
  5. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Micheal Jackson's Daddy will have relaity show?... For Immediate Release March 24th, 2008 Press Contact: Lisa Love: 916-806-9913 Xonger signs production deal with Joe Jackson for reality show! Hollywood, CA- Xonger Global Network has signed a...
  6. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Chris Brown

    I very plesse that each & every other girls are getting carzy over Chris Brown I mean he's a very young superstar! but you kown he will follow M.J footsepets forever & ever.
  7. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    who are your top ten singers of all time

    1.Whitney Huston 2.Rick James 3.Mariah Carey 4.James Brown 5.Micheal Jackson 6.Mary J Blige 7.Usher 8.Janet Jackson 9.Chaka Kann 10.Diana Ross
  8. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Top 5 favorite albums from 2008 so far...

    I don't evan kown yet
  9. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Mariahs new album cover

    man for me I don't like it, I don't kown why but..... for me nah no!!!
  10. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Chris Brown biting Mike's style, & poses on cover of Men's Health

    why you talking about Chris Brown?...
  11. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Chris Brown biting Mike's style, & poses on cover of Men's Health

    I think that Chris is so the most of the person like you can just ever meet
  12. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: what are you listening to.. Like This-by Kelly Rowland feat. Eve
  13. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Grammy's All-Star Tribute to T-25; MJ Reported to Attend/Not Perform

    Well all I can say is that Micheal need to do something that is worth a try to make a performance that all up to nothing.
  14. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    MJ @ Grammys....He will NOT Perform, According to Extra

    Re: Surprise Performer At The Grammys! Micheal I kown who's going to be?...
  15. TeliaMJ Fan2008

    Janet Jackson

    I love Janet ever since I was a child she's alway's have that smile