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    nba playoffs who you got?

    its that time of the year in the nba where the post season starts and teams are trying to win it all. i'm pulling for the miami heat, chicago looks tough, there is boston, out west you got the champs the la lakers and san antonio spurs, outta be interesting.
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    albums you love and hate all at once

    is there a album or albums where you are truly divided? part of you loves the instrumentation or the lyrics, but the music is wack to you? or the way the order of the album goes is messed up
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    what slang did you learn from R&B and hip-hop?

    when you listen to R&B and Hip-Hop what new words or terms that you didn't know what they meant or the term did you learn and was in awe? we all been there speak on it
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    White Pop Singers and Rappers what you think?

    when it comes to colaborations do you feel it is respect or do you feel that the record company is trying to make said white act appear cool and legit? for instance recently britney spears is gonna do a duet with rapper gucci mane how you feel about that? it is suppose to be about street...
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    Pittsburgh versus Green Bay who you got?

    the super bowl is two weeks away in Dallas texas and who are you picking to win the super bowl and why? this outta be a entertaining one with two historical teams. cheeseheads versus the steel terrible towel curtains.
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    Songs that make think of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr

    either songs inspired,or directly mentioning him. happy dr. martin luther king holiday weekend to all.
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    you own a record label and you get 5 artists

    to start your label with in the history of music at any time which 5 you got and why? remmeber you get to build your label these are your starting five.
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    was Freddie Mercury the Greatest Asian Artist Ever?

    i have listened to quite a few Asian born Artists and this part of Freddie Mercury's ehtnic background is rarely spoken off and about. if you have other Asian Born Artists you feel are as important as Freddie Mercury feel free to chime in, i just wanted to know if you thought he was the Greatest...
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    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all

    peace and blessings in the coming new year happy holiday season.
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    MC Hammer

    where you come down on MC Hammer? he influenced quite a few acts we have heard and seen, where you got him and what did you think of him back in the day??
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    George Michael v Justin Timberlake

    they were both picked as two of the greatest artists ever on that vh1 poll and i wonder how there careers stack up against one another to you here goes better albums in there respective groups Wham versus NSynch Better songs Wham versus nSynch better solo albums George Michael Versus...
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    producers you only like for there stuff on them

    you know the artist who happens to be a Producer and you only like there stuff on them, whereas on somebody else it comes across corny or just kinda there.
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    your favorite Music Producers for others instead of there own stuff

    Producers whose work you like better for other people than there own stuff?
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    Artists who should have been Hall of Famers

    there are artists who you here and see over the years and you think they are Hall of Fame Bound first tier level and then for whatever reason they vanish or put out sub par material and never get anywhere near that level again. which act or acts fit this describtion and why?
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    better vocal talen america's got talent or idol?

    watched Amg all summer and watch idol and from followers of the show which show has had the best vocal talent overall between the two and no paula abdul now j-lo or nick cannon don't count.
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    favorite albums by artists you don't even like

    do you have albums by artists that you don't even like? admit we all kinda do i think
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    what do you think of Kobe Bryant?

    he just won his 5th ring and was the finals MVP however there are two camps where he is concearned you either Love Him or you Loath Him nothing in the middle. where do you stand with him as a player? do you like lakers but can't stand him? who were you rooting for?
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    props to R.Kelly da king of modern R&B

    he was tight on espn for the world cup sign of victory. he is so versatile and untoppable when he wants to be musically. proud of the brother and his talent was showcased on a grand scale today. props to da kang. enjoyed the arrangement and stage pacing.
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    _______ never made a classic album, but they are a great artist

    which artist to you that you feel is a Great Artist, but to you never made a Great album and they always seemed to come up short.
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    the ten worst remakes

    which remakes come to mind that not only should the song never been covered and you wanted your money back, but that the artist who covered the song should have had there contract revoked? sounds brutal huh? well your ears felt the end results were gonna cause you mental damage for the...