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    nba playoffs who you got?

    its that time of the year in the nba where the post season starts and teams are trying to win it all. i'm pulling for the miami heat, chicago looks tough, there is boston, out west you got the champs the la lakers and san antonio spurs, outta be interesting.
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    Today My Uncle my Passaway

    rip sorry to hear the news
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    Tupac vs. Biggie Smalls

    i dug biggie a whole lot, though in his professional career he was a 2pac clone, pac took him undr his wing. biggie's story telling and hook work were his strengths imo, but overall 2pac got it imo. pac's work just on hit songs and presentation gives him the overall edge imo
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    albums you love and hate all at once

    is there a album or albums where you are truly divided? part of you loves the instrumentation or the lyrics, but the music is wack to you? or the way the order of the album goes is messed up
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    Alicia Keys Celebrates 10 years of Success

    sorry but her debut album while clive davis pushed her onto oprah and she made the rounds, i hardly consider her debut album a classic. it was cute imo, but a classic? when she drops a greatest hits package i might like 6 or 7 songs of hers and call it a day, but thus far she is overrated...
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    the answer back song a lost art and it was hip-hop before it had a name. it would diss you and take your groove and have a life of its own.
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    Do you consider Michael to be an official Michael Jackson album?

    its offical however at best its a bunch of b sides and outtakes and nothing on here is seeing "sunset driver" or the way that you love me. they goofed "behind the mask" imo which should have stayed with the more early 80's vibe mj wouldn't have put 7 or 8 of these songs imo
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    Rebecca Black - Friday, the worst song ever made?

    it is so bad and funny, that you just gotta laugh and yet this goes to show with the money,hype, that anybody can blow up. watch if this chick lasts a few years she will be judging singing. she could be your future american idol judge. paula abdul and jiffer lopez are like gladys knight and...
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    Blogger explains why he thinks Beyonce's The Greatest Diva Of All time

    got the makings to being something and yet she falls flat. strong voice, however she over sings 1) corny material that doesn't seperte her from the 4th and 5th tier acts 2) can't seem to do much without jay z and crazy in love is all she really got as a good track imo 3)...
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    Jennifer Lopez song On the Floor sounds familiar to me

    once her booty shrunk, out went any interest in her. she is so corny and wack it ain't even funny. she is judging talent and everybody that sings on that show is 3 times better than her, what a job to get?
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    Bon Jovi: 'Steve Jobs Is Personally Responsible For Killing The Music Business'

    he has a valid point, however the very industry he works for is even more guilty. cds cost less to make than tapes, but still 20 dollars for a new cd in 2011? also alot of acts having 1-2 legit songs on a cd? this is why i tunes and other formats have weeded out the tradional manner of the...
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    RIP Nate Dogg

    rip to a brother who took hook singing to a different level. prayers go out to his family, friends
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    Chris Brown Loses Temper on Good Morning America

    yeah he has a temper,but also he is well aware of hype for his new album, and he has people talking. street cred goes to a whole new level.
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    P Diddy tops rap's rich list (FORBES)

    well in that business you gotta hustle and puffy does that with the bestt of them, still musically its been a decade since he last counted
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    Dr. Dre ft, Eminem & Skylar Grey - I Need a Doctor (Short Film)

    the video was cool at first with the flashbacks, but the song is constipated to me and corny. dre needs some new musical injection. i was hoping for him and snoop to do something
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    ERIC BENET!!! Any TrueEBFan here? :)

    i like a few songs, love don't love me was a cut i dug, i hear things here and there that i dig,however on a whole he is decent, however i've never thought of him more than a 2nd or 3rd tier act on a whole.
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    Record companies not letting certain artists have any creative input in their music?

    you have to earn those rights. you sign and they invest millions of dollars on your talent and they hype you up. thing is record companys were a offshoot of film companys as a sideline form of entertainment. lawyers took the game over, Clive Davis was a lawyer who found a copy of...
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    Interview with Jonathan Moffett - Longtime Drummer of Michael Jackson

    that was wonderful and great as always to hear about the music and creativity,etc... great interview props to sugarfoot
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    what slang did you learn from R&B and hip-hop?

    when you listen to R&B and Hip-Hop what new words or terms that you didn't know what they meant or the term did you learn and was in awe? we all been there speak on it