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  1. mjscarousal

    The 2011 VMA AWARD SHOW !! UPDATE Michael Jackson Vanguard Award has been reinstated

    wowwww yall really watched that mess???? Rest In Peace MTV.... Rest in peace POP music.... Last night showed just how bad pop music is.... I didnt even watch it.... The last time I saw MTV was 09 and even in 09 I didnt watch the whole thing.. just the MJ tribute
  2. mjscarousal

    Can chris brown still be the next michael jackson?

    I see nothing has change... Yall still make useless Why is this a thread? Their will never be another Michael Jackson...
  3. mjscarousal

    How Old Are You and How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    Re: How old are you and how long have you been a MJ fan? Im 18 Ive been a fan since I was 8
  4. mjscarousal

    Breaking News - The Great Debate (Cascio Controversy Thread)

    Re: Breaking News - The Great Debate :lol: Yall really think that ISH is Michael?
  5. mjscarousal

    Hollywood Tonight - Official Discussion Thread

    I dont like it. Its WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY overproduced and to teen 2010 poppish
  6. mjscarousal

    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Well Said... Ill admit I got the album because I wanted to have the tracks that are Michael but the album overall is not all of that.. It doesnt do anything to his legacy but it damn sure doesnt help it. I dont consider this to be a Michael Jackson album because Michael was not involved. The...
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    ~Jimi Hendrix~

    :) *Waits for DuranDuran to come in here to reveal that music wisdom* :lol: You should start a thread on her, that sounds interesting... I dont know to much on Hendrix but from my knowlege he never appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I believe he was scheduled to appear and do a interview but...
  9. mjscarousal

    Cascio Tracks Debate Thread

    Learn to read been listening to Mike since the AGE of 8... and my opinion is just as much valid as any one elses in here.. it doesnt change the fact that people are still going to comment regardless.
  10. mjscarousal

    Don't worry about sales! next single will reach more people!

    Do you guys really care about sales still?
  11. mjscarousal

    Why can't we hire our own expert? (updated on page 3)

    Re: Why can't we hire our own expert? Ive been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was 8 years old thats how long Ive been listening to the man... I dont think I need an expert to tell me that ish is not Michael singing.
  12. mjscarousal

    Anyone else feeling depressed about "Michael"?

    Its a very sad situation because MJ fans want to hear the music Michael created but at the same time it seems that people closest to him in working with music have deceived us. The whole thing is screwed up and does nothing for Michaels legacy. Its just sad because the estate didnt have to go...
  13. mjscarousal

    Cascio Tracks Debate Thread

    Theres nothing to debate about. Michael isnt singing on those tracks... period.
  14. mjscarousal

    Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    sigh* Michael Jackson fans worry about the wrong things. The album was released Tuesday and usually promotion begins way before albums even come out. I doubt that it will get anymore than what it has already gotten. It has that little commercial, the interview with Oprah and thats about it. I...
  15. mjscarousal

    ABC reports: MJ fans protest new MJ album

    Why are people tripping off the MJ fans protesting the album? If I could do something about it I would protest to. Its wrong what the Estate and the producers have done in making the album as well as presenting it. The fans are within good reason. Some of the tracks on the album are not Michael...
  16. mjscarousal

    Have your opinions changed? (Cascio Tracks)

    They should not have been trying to finish his works in the first place. They should have just released finish works... To be frankly honest, the album is okay. The tracks that are Michael singing showcases Michaels lovely voice but on sometracks like Hollywood Tonight tend to be way...