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  1. ketzergon

    Do you remember...?

    I was thinking a lot of Michael and my love for him these days and it came across my memories on the days of the early internet (so I don't think you milenial fans will know)... Do you remember a website where in the front page (I think) was an image based on MJ drink (Mystery) it was the...
  2. ketzergon

    Dangerous World Tour booklet

    Hi, i just want to share with you this piece of MJ memorabilia that i have. It's a booklet from PEPSI of the DWT. I don't know much about it, is it rare? Saludos
  3. ketzergon

    We want wonderful extras in Bad25 DVD campaign

    Hello Community friends, can you help me to make a little campaign to ask Sony and the Estate to include great extras in the Bad25 concert DVD?. I have been thinking, like many of you, that we MJ fans deserve complete products, unlike the latest DVD releases of Mike. Always watch with jealousy...
  4. ketzergon

    REQ:Bad tour MSG March 5th 1988 Smooth Criminal!

    Can anyone have pics for this performance?, i would apreciate it Please? PD. If not any other pics for the other SC performances please?
  5. ketzergon

    MJ & Batman (1989)?!

    I was reading the imdb trivia of Michael and came out this: "Was asked to write and perform the songs for Batman (1989), but had to turn it down due to his concert commitments" Is there more info on this?, anyone knows something?
  6. ketzergon

    Who's bad?...???...dum, dum, dum, dumdum

    Haha, hope this thread goes here... In this video: at 0:15, what does Michael says?, just curious. Thanks
  7. ketzergon

    Wich version of WATW is this?
  8. ketzergon

    Soundboards recordings

    So i was watching a video of Jam Live in Paris, and in the breakdown dance part, just for one second i hear how Michael was singing along the playback, my question is... Do you think that was record it?, i mean in separate tracks, where Michael sings along with the playback?
  9. ketzergon

    Have Michael ever sing LIVE TWYMMF?

    ...without playback and the entire song of course?, if he does, can anyone tell me when? Thanks
  10. ketzergon

    Anyone knos when and what show is this?
  11. ketzergon

    This dance move is from...? (0:14) robot like (under the light)...where?, Bad tour era right?, what concert, i want to know please?, someone?
  12. ketzergon

    Petition for all of Michael Jackson's videos in HD!!!

    HERE: Just scroll down a little bit, enter your data and clic here!: It only take a few minutes!
  13. ketzergon

    Question of Remember the time

    So, how many times Michael perform this song live and when? If anyone can help, thanks.
  14. ketzergon

    Hi everyone

    New here, well, i know this forum a long ago, but never posted, it's time to start, but want to introduce myself to start well with all of you, i hope make some good friends. I'm from Mexico DF and i like MJ since i was 10, i'm 23 now, my msn its (if anyone wants to chat or share things)...