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  1. mscaite

    Thriller Era Michael Age Progression Discussion!

    I just discovered this magazine article, about how MJ would've looked if he hadn't had vitiligo or lupus, or any further changes due to weight loss etc. (What a spunky man ;)) I...
  2. mscaite

    WHO IS IT, Meaning of Video Plot??

    I adore the song, and I understand what it's about perfectly fine. Though the plot for the video really leaves me wondering, I don't understand the plot at all! Could someone please try and explain to me what they think it's about, so I can understand? Thank you :D
  3. mscaite

    The Youtube Remixes Thread

    Post your favorite MJ remixes here! (If there is a thread for this already, feel free to close thread.) I was browsing youtube, and found this: Enjoy! Any others?
  4. mscaite

    Not Every Star, a Poem for Michael.

    There are pills for sleep, They help you rest. But the cocktail you made, Had put you to death. A shining star, Sent down from above, To set our path straight, To teach us love. Though not every star was just as bright, They grew jealous & stole your brilliant light, Eating away at your soul...
  5. mscaite

    HELP! How To Recieve Emails About Threads?

    I've been to many different forums before, and I think I've forgotten how to recieve email notifications for the many different posts I've made? I like to keep track of where I've been and who's replied to a post of mine, so is there a way that I'm able to do so here? Sorry if this has been...
  6. mscaite

    Looking for HQ photo, "King" Michael?

    Hello all! I've been looking for this photo everywhere, I'm sorry if this has already been posted. Ok, well it has MJ sitting in a throne, wearing a crown and he's resting his face in his right hand and just sort of staring off into the distance... I saw this image as an icon a while back and...
  7. mscaite

    Hello from Australia (:

    Hey, I'm new here ^^ I'm Caitlin, and I'm 15. I've loved MJ's music since I was born, and I'm still finding it difficult to accept that he's gone. My favourite songs are Billie Jean, Black Or White, Scream, Smooth Criminal, They Don't Care About Us... Oh hell, I love the whole lot of them :D...