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  1. Benji78

    The Triptych by David Nordahl (hi-res image request)

    Hi All, Does anyone here have a high resolution image of the following painting by David Nordahl. Specifically, I am interested in the frame. I have some memorabilia which I would like framed but am after something a bit different so would like to commission a custom frame inspired by MJ's...
  2. Benji78

    This Is It Tickets

    Hi All, Is anyone here interested in selling their TII Tickets or being involved in a swap? I have two '12 Faces' tickets that I am willing to swap or sell. I would like to get the Dangerous and two Billie Jean tickets if anyone has them. If you can help, PM me so we can discuss how to...
  3. Benji78

    Going to LA

    Hi... I'm heading off to LA in a few days and wondered if there are any events or fan gatherings going on. I would so much like to see places that are special to MJ but I am getting confused over where to go and what to see. I would also very much like to make the journey to Neverland but cant...
  4. Benji78

    The Words of Michael

    I love the way MJ address his fans, he is so heartfelt and genuine. One of my favorite and most touching statements is from the Heal the World Performance at the Super Bowl. "Today we stand together all around the world, joined in a common purpose, to remake the planet into a haven of joy, and...