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  1. xscape guy 2003

    Bring this song out.

    We have all had heard this week how Putin has invaded and caused bloodshed and heartache I think the song to Sing loud and proud is from Michael. WEVE HAD ENOUGH! SONY RELEASE THIS! PLAY IT ON EVERY RADIO STATION WORLDWIDE. LET EVERYONE HEAR MICHAEL TELL THE WORLD THAT THIS HAS TO STOP. Let...
  2. xscape guy 2003

    Question- As fans can we get unheard tracks like *for all time* we've had enough, trending?

    I have just listened to a documentary about Michael's dangerous/history concepts where this guy has perfect knowledge of his art. Had great admiration for him. In celebration of this fact and wanting desperately to get some new or hardly heard tracks on the radio/or streaming can we do it? Will...
  3. xscape guy 2003

    Communication with the Estate

    Hi all the people like mikey dee, korgnax and gaz who have or could have this facility. I remember quite a while ago now when there was a thread for this or maybe we could have someone who could be that link? After all thats gone on with LV i think the estate needs a bit more closeness to the...
  4. xscape guy 2003

    Should the estate be looking to produce a BIOEPIC given the interest in a Freddie Mercury/Elton John

    Given the interest in BIOEPICS now should the estate be looking who will play Michael in a film about his life? Is this why we are not getting any new releases yet and should they be looking to produce a Huge film about Michaels career etc? I am very near to going to see Bohemian Rhapsody and...