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  1. KB50MJ

    Michael Jai White Appreciation Thread

    Hes an actor and expert Martial artist who's appeared in numerous action and drama/comedy films. Hes another one of my idols because of his physique and ability in marital arts. Hes my inspiration when it comes to bodybuilding becuase this man has a flawless body. Michael Jai White is a...
  2. KB50MJ

    Strangth/Weight Training

    This is for people who know what their doing when it comes to weight training. I'm 17 years old. I'm 6'0 tall and I weight 196 lbs. I just started lifting weights during the second week of September. Now I have a few questions about my training and my nutrition. I'll give you a summary of my...
  3. KB50MJ

    Even Squirrels wanna get close to Michael

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    Do You Think Quincy and Bruce Would Ever Work Together Again?

    Do you think Quincy and Bruce Swedien would ever work together with another young artist on an album? I know they work together a lot. But do you think they would give another swing at it with a new artist? And when I mean new artist, I mean do you think they would do it again today in 2010.
  5. KB50MJ

    The GREATEST Profesional Wrestler of All Time!

    The Greatest professional wrestler of all time. Rick Flair? Nope Hulk Hogan? Wrong again Stone Cold Steve Austin? Not a chance Tha answer is simple. The Show Stopper, The Headliner, The Mainevent, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Hearbreak Kid...............Shawn Michaels!!!! Instead of me sitting...
  6. KB50MJ

    One of the Best Endings EVER!

    This has to be one of the most powerful endings I have ever seen in a movie.
  7. KB50MJ

    How can one beatbox like MJ?

    How can someone beatbox like that? Is it natural or can it be taught?
  8. KB50MJ

    The Mansion Michael Looked at to Buy

    MJ was looking at this mansion to buy: I need to know everything about this mansion. Does anyone have any info on it? Like where its located? I'm assuming its somewhere in Cali becuase of the pine-tress...
  9. KB50MJ

    What is the Name of This Song?

    This has been driving me nuts. I just saw Cradle 2 The Grave and there was the beautiful music playing in one of the scenes. Its the music playing when you start the clip. Throughout the whole part where DMX is praying with his daughter and giving her a necklace. Does anyone know where I can...
  10. KB50MJ


    Don't get me wrong, as a consumer Youtube is a life saver. Its a great creation. But what really irks me about Youtube is the effect it has on the music business and artists income. Think about it. Why go out and buy the album or single when you can just watch it on Youtube like a billion...
  11. KB50MJ

    Did Sony ever make MJ record songs he didn't want to?

    I just realized that a lot of record companies make their artists record certain songs. Like they say you have to have a love song, or a dance song, etc. So I have a few questions: 1. Did Sony ever do this to Michael? Like tell him what kind of songs to create. Or did he have complete...
  12. KB50MJ

    Where Did Michael Stay During the Trial?

    I remember on the day of the verdict, MJ was driving all the way from neverland to the court house in Santa Barbra. Neverland is FAR way in the hills of Santa Yanez. Did Michael really travels that whole distance for every court appearance, or did he stay somewhere closer to the court house...
  13. KB50MJ

    What Song is This?

    Please pay no attention to the content of the video. A friend was showing me this and I liked the song they were playing, and i just want to know what the name of it was. Does anyone know?
  14. KB50MJ

    Michael Jackson's Influence on Black Culture (BBC Documentary 12/2009)

    Documentary produced by BBC that explores Michael Jackson's musical and social influences on black culture. The show explores Michael's journey through the Chitlin Circuit in the late 1960s, the Motown Years, the move from Motown to CBS, transitioning from a child star to an adult superstar...
  15. KB50MJ

    Is This Commerical Based Off a Song?

    You know how his Pepsi commercials were based of a song he had. Now is this Jackson 5 Alpha Bits commercial based off a song that they did? Because it sounds really good. I especially like the emotion he puts in the line "where ever I goooo" and "Love you soooooo". Great.
  16. KB50MJ

    Did Michael Really Bring People Together?

    I was just re-watching Al Sharpton speak at the memorial and on Bill O Riley. And He always said how Michale bought people all around the world together and what-not. Every time I hear that, I picture a crowd of people of all races and backgrounds randomly getting together and loving each other...
  17. KB50MJ

    Time Magazines List of Most Influential People

    Now I am confused as heck here. How does the Time Magazine get their lists for most influential people? Because I was looking at their 2009 and 2010 lists, and MJ isn't even mentioned in any of them. But yet they have people like Prince, Miley Cyrus, and Brittany Spears on the list. And they...
  18. KB50MJ

    Michael on MJJC?

    I heard people talk about MJ being on MJJC for some time. Is this true? And if so, what posts did he make? And what account name did he use? I do recall the Dr. Heat thread which talked about MJ on some German fan site I think. But this is about MJJC.
  19. KB50MJ

    U2 to Break Wembley Attendance Record... Michael's reocrd.-Old Article

    This article is pretty old, but it was worth posting. U2's first UK gig in their current tour will break all previous attendance records for a Wembley Stadium concert, organisers have claimed. Around 88,000 are expected at the Irish group's concert on Friday - 5,000 more than what is believed...
  20. KB50MJ

    VOTE: Larry King Live 25th Anniversary

    Larry King Live 25th anniversary is coming up and he is holding a sweepstakes to see what was the top 5 moments in Larry King Live history. and MJ's death is one of them. Based on 12,041 votes, MJ is currently at #3. Behind 9/11 and Obama's inauguration. Lets vote for Michael...