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  1. mo_rizwan

    Anyone from Antalya?

    I'm there in September for 2 weeks. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on what do to.....where to go...... Wanna do all the tourist stuff (minus the museums lol)
  2. mo_rizwan

    Donald Trump

    What does everyone think of him......? :D
  3. mo_rizwan

    Anyone good at removing copywrite from images?

    I found the image in my signature online, but was wondering if anyone could remove the Getty Logo (using Photoshp).....
  4. mo_rizwan

    Corey Feldman Speaks Out

  5. mo_rizwan

    My God.....Gloria Allred doesn't age..... :D
  6. mo_rizwan

    Pep Guardiola.......

    Still can't believe he's going to Man City :( LOL
  7. mo_rizwan

    Tribute to Michael Jackson, Shaw Theatre, London

    Is anyone going to this?
  8. mo_rizwan

    When Bon Jovi met Michael Jackson: ‘He couldn’t have been nicer’

    25th June 2014 When Bon Jovi met Michael Jackson: ‘He couldn’t have been nicer’ Today marks the five-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death and media outlets around the world are recalling the legacy the pop star left behind. The Hollywood Reporter has published an excerpt from...
  9. mo_rizwan

    I don't care what anyone says......

    .....Xscape is better than Invincible! :) (apologies if this has been discussed before)
  10. mo_rizwan

    RIP Paul Walker :(

    30 November 2013 Paul Walker Dead At 40 From Fiery Car Crash Paul Walker -- best known for his role in "The Fast and the Furious" movies -- died Saturday afternoon after a single-car accident and explosion in Southern California ... TMZ has learned. The accident happened in Santa Clarita --...
  11. mo_rizwan

    EDL leader refused service in Selfridges

    Selfridges ‘disappointed’ after friend of EDL leader Tommy Robinson is refused service Selfridges says it is "very disappointed" at the actions of a member of staff who allegedly refused to serve EDL leader Tommy Robinson and a friend. The flagship department store said Robinson should...
  12. mo_rizwan

    Arsenal Fans - Should Wenger Leave?

    There was an article on Sky Sports reporting a group of disgruntled Arsenal fans have told the club's board that it would be 'inappropriate' to offer Arsene Wenger a new contract. This was after they lost 3-1 to Aston Villa...
  13. mo_rizwan

    Anyone here use Skype?

    Apologies if a similar thread has been created. Feel FREE to add me: mo_rizwan :)
  14. mo_rizwan

    Street Fighter

    I take it there are no fans here.....
  15. mo_rizwan

    JLS to Split

    Remember when these guys were poised to support Mike on the This Is It shows:
  16. mo_rizwan

    I'm having problems with SkySports.Com......

    .....can someone tell me who Chelsea are drawn against for the Champions League Quarter-Final? :D
  17. mo_rizwan

    Reaching 1 Million Facbook Fans; Men or Women?

    This is hilarius :D I bet males on facebook can reach 1 million before females do !!! I bet females on facebook can reach 1 million before males do ...
  18. mo_rizwan

    Is Dr Murray a Freemason?

    Reports say he was. Might explain MJ's Death......
  19. mo_rizwan


    OK, never thought I'd say this about a band from a Reality TV Series (The X-Factor) but they're Debút album is ACE! :)
  20. mo_rizwan

    U2 Live @ The Rose Bowl

    Watch the Concert in it's entirety here: :)