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    New Ghosts Outtakes

  2. GreenEyes

    1993 Beat It Rehearsal Footage Unseen

    This is new. Hopefully, it's not a repost.:
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    Man Uses Michael To Calm Down Baltimore Riots

    This guy is getting lots of attention now. It has thrown a bit of humor in a terrible situation.
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    U.K. Documentary Titled "The Ten Faces of Michael Jackson"

    I was reading on Twitter that there is a U.K. documentary being worked on about Michael's changing looks and how it correlated to his rise in fame/wealth and downfall. Has anyone heard anything about this? Apparently it's being done by a company called Optomen. I couldn't find anything on...
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    Michael Liked Poison - "Talk Dirty To Me"

    He thought Michael was really cool! You can hear Rikki talk about Michael on the audio here: (You get more from it by listening to him) ------------------------------- RIKKI...
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    14 Years Ago Today - Madison Square Gardens - NYC

    13 Years Ago Today - Madison Square Gardens - NYC I'm now watching a show on the National Geographic Channel about the hours before 9/11. They just showed the Chief Executive Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald Corp - who tragically lost 658 of their 960 employees during that terror attack on the...
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    Jimmy Kimmel Uses Michael's Son As A Joke

    Screw him! Using a child (who's father died tragically) as the butt of a joke. I never liked that asshole anyway. I guess he thinks it's funny to make fun of his name. You can see it here in Kimmel's office. Starts at 2:35...
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    I'm Suprised Dr. Treacy Would Do This

    This is disappointing coming from Patrick Treacy. I really believe most who have crossed Michael's path have lost their minds. Did he really tweet this or has this been photoshopped and his account hacked in some way possibly?? -------------------------------- @peege Hi Patrick @ptreacy...
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    TV Alert - Michael on The Simpsons on FXX Channel

    Great episode - For those who want to catch it again. (Click on link below for the full schedule, if interested). ----------------------------- The 10 Simpsons Episodes You Need to DVR Slate's Culture Blog Aug. 21 2014 11:10 AM By David Haglund FXX’s #EverySimpsonsEver...
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    Personal Photographer Remembers Michael

    Michael Jackson's Personal Photographer Remembers How They Met By Anna Hiatt June 29, 2014 Harrison Funk remembers being captivated by Michael Jackson's eyes. “Michael had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever photographed," he told me recently. "They were large. They were expressive...
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    Five Years Gone and It's The Music That Endures

    Michael Jackson: Five Years Gone and It's the Music That Endures Posted: 06/19/2014 6:47 pm EDT By: John Covach Director of the Institute of Popular Music, University of Rochester It's been nearly five years since the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009. During the last decade...
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    New Song Snippets

    Any info on these???
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    Michael Jackson on Beer Bottles

    I thought this was really good... and so funny!
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    Anticipating Something Special Released Around June 25th

    Does anyone besides me think that maybe the Estate may release something around June 25th to the mark the 5th anniversary? I know it's not a celebration, but a day of remembrance.:cry: Maybe some sort of unseen video from a concert, or an interview or studio footage. Anything like that would...
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    SiriusXm Satellite Launched Fulltime Michael Channel

    This is great. I have Sirius in my car.:wild: Anyone else?
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    Michael The Bug Savior

    I've seen a few stories out there lately about Michael's bug love and thought to start a thread on it. It's so sweet to me that he was like that.:wub: They broke the mold after Michael came into this world. :) *********************************************************************** When...
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    Full History Era Interview

    I just saw this on MTV. I've seen bits of this interview on YouTube, but not all these questions and answers. I'm posting for those who haven't seen it. It's a good interview. (I believe they have the year filmed marked incorrectly though.) (Note - you have to wait for each clip to load.)...
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    B Howard To Reveal DNA Test Tomorrow to Prove Michael Is His Father

    I noticed that he wants money from the Estate.