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  1. Amaya

    Meaning of MJ famous provocative dance motions

    "Cake" refers to his bare chest. Can't remember where I heard/read that but that's what it's supposed to refer to.
  2. Amaya

    Earth Song Master Tape

    Ooof, already ended... hopefully it went to someone that's willing to share, assuming anything can be done with it.
  3. Amaya

    Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Figures I schedule my vacation the week before that next seminar... argh! It's a bit too short notice anyway... I wish he'd announce these dates a lot earlier. Hope you have fun!
  4. Amaya

    Now when Cascio tracks were finally removed. Are there any chances we will someday have real Monster, Water and Stay....?

    Monster being incomplete is very unfortunate because I actually dig that one. Too bad it was spoiled by the fake vocals and that's all we'll ever get...
  5. Amaya

    Michael Jackson and Tourism

    The Jackson family home (Gary, IN) Michael's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood, CA) A bit of a depressing one, but The Holly Terrace Mausoleum in Forest Park Cemetery (Glendale, CA) The gates of Neverland Ranch (Santa Barbara, CA) The Thriller Villa (the house Michael lived in when...
  6. Amaya

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    Kinda sucks from a censorship standpoint, but then again... they weren't Michael lol. Time for a re-release with new, authentic songs?
  7. Amaya

    13th Anniversary MJ Tribute Thread

    I still can't believe he's gone... I don't know what to say other than RIP Michael, and that I still miss him. 💐💔
  8. Amaya

    MJ Documentaries To Watch

    There's a doc called Michael Jackson Commemorated that focuses on when he visited Gary, IN in 2003 and his birthday celebration later that year. It has some cute moments in it!
  9. Amaya

    Sega posted MJ related Sonic video on TikTok

    Was gonna post on here about Sonic Origins not having the MJ/Brad Buxer music in it. It sucks, but it seems licensing costs were too high for Sega to pay... or they just didn't care. Here's hoping someone makes a mod for the PC version that restores the original music. Until then, for me, no MJ...
  10. Amaya

    Best Human Nature live performance?

    You're right, sorry! Back to the topic at hand, I think Bad Tour had the best Human Nature performances in terms of energy/sound. Although I do think he kinda messed up the lyrics on those performances at times. >.> But still great to watch. This Is It rehearsals had some great vocals too...
  11. Amaya

    Best Human Nature live performance?

    Necrobumping is (was?) usually considered rude and poor forum etiquette. Or at least it was considered rude back in the 00's. I remember some forums I was on during that era (all non-MJ related) looking down on it. It seems the view on that has somehow changed over the years. Wonder what caused...
  12. Amaya

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    That logo is fucking atrocious. Jesus. Having said that, I'm mildly tempted by this. Will have to see exactly what the new content is.
  13. Amaya

    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    We'll likely get a studio recording soundtrack release down the line. That seems to happen with most musicals.
  14. Amaya

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I feel so sad for the kids in that show you're describing. They're already being influenced to hate him without questioning anything. This fight is going to go on until the human race dies out.
  15. Amaya

    Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    I'm very tempted to go to all three days, but it might be overkill for me since it would be my first one. The fact that it and the other two days fall on a weekend also make it pretty tricky in terms of scheduling vacation time. On the other hand, there's no telling when Brad will go back to a...
  16. Amaya

    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    I remember the Jane Doe a bit. Her claims were dropped eventually, and she was conveniently ignored by the press and the hater crowd. I think Diane Dimond even called her an "opportunist". The 2019 accuser may have been Michael Jacobshagen? That's the only one that comes to mind anyway. I don't...
  17. Amaya

    Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    Tribute to the Beat It video near the end of this video:
  18. Amaya

    Leaving Neverland - Three Years Later

    Indeed. I smelled these attitudes a LONG time ago, and it's gotten even worse now with social media and all the shitty movements that have come about from it.
  19. Amaya

    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    Brad Sundberg saw it and posted a video review: