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  1. dam2040

    Is this Decade track list real?

    The Detail MJ (not exactly the best source) have posted this, supposedly the artwork and track list for Decade. This is fake right?
  2. dam2040

    Projects that have been worked on but never saw the light of day?

    I was just wondering about the Estate and how certain people have said they saw Munich 1997 in 3D and then I began to wonder about the Off the Wall commercial that leaked saying it would contain new songs (from memory, I might be wrong - was this ever confirmed to be real?). So I was wondering...
  3. dam2040

    Michael Jackson’s Ghosts coming to YouTube this Halloween!

    MJ Estate have sent an email to fans saying Ghosts will be on YouTube for Halloween only.
  4. dam2040

    Drake’s new song paying tribute to the King

    Drake’s new #1 song in the USA Spotify charts pays homage to the Bad buckle jacket, Michael’s dancing and he says “Who’s Bad” While he’s made some questionable MJ choices, this is a big up yours to those who want to see MJ wiped off the face of the earth...
  5. dam2040

    Let's be nostalgic about the good times

    So after posting in the This is It thread it brought all the memories back, so thought it would be nice for others to just bathe in nostalgia and share stories they look back on fondly in regards to MJ. 'The good old days' as it were. I'll start with This is It because it was refreshed in my...
  6. dam2040

    Honor MJ

    Thought it would be cool for us to share how we've Honored MJ as fans throughout the year. I'll start:
  7. dam2040

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Billboard reporting Sundance festival will be showing a film detailing how MJ molested two people (presumable Safechuck and Robson). Absolutely disgusting. Apparently commissioned by Tom Porter who’s in charge of Channel 4...
  8. dam2040

    Hologram Concert on December 21st

    According to this site, on the 21st December there will be an MJ hologram concert. It's titled 'Come Back To the X'. MJ Estate should hopefully put a stop to this one.
  9. dam2040

    *NEW!* Thriller Clothing at Zara and Diamond Supply!

    Found these T-Shirts and hoodies at Zara!’s-thriller™-t-shirt-p04873338.html?v1=7491597#selectedColor=800&origin=shopcart’s-thriller™-sweatshirt-p04873339.html?v1=7491572#selectedColor=800&origin=shopcart...
  10. dam2040

    Does anyone else go back in time?

    I often use the Internet Archive to read Michael's old wikipedia, or even the This is It tour page because I remember checking it daily out of so much excitement I could burst. Checking old Google search results for a set time period, anything. Just wondering if anyone does the same in that...
  11. dam2040

    Sony telling retailers to refer to MJ as self proclaimed and Ja**o

    Sony are sending out information for the new Invincible picture disc. In the text they provide they call Michael the self proclaimed King of Pop and also refer to him as *****. I simply refuse to support these people.
  12. dam2040

    Chris Brown, DJ Khaled featuring Michael Jackson (Out Now) It heavily samples Rock With You and MJs voice is heard throughout. Chris Brown just posted this. By all accounts it has been made for DJ Khaled new album but no one knows if it will make it.
  13. dam2040

    [NEW] Limited edition picture disc vinyl box set

    MJs albums being re-released for his 60th birthday in a picture disc vinyl box set. Cool if you don’t have them already I guess. Price is 175 dollars or £190 for the UK fans (No idea why Invincible is blue...
  14. dam2040

    Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    Drake - Don’t Matter To Me (featuring Michael Jackson) Track 22 Album - Scorpion June 29th
  15. dam2040

    New Christina Aguilera Single has MJ Sample

    Kanye West produced it and it features an MJ sample
  16. dam2040

    New MJ Pepsi Can

    'Celebrating every generation' promotion in USA and selected other markets.
  17. dam2040

    *NEW* Thriller This is It backdrop

    1080p framed. :)
  18. dam2040

    One Night Only Poster HQ

    I need the 'One Night Only' poster in HQ. Does anyone have it? Thanks!!
  19. dam2040

    3D Tribute Concert.. Help me!!

    So as some of you may have seen I've been doing MJ shows for nearly 15 years now and I've been fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity to do a full length stage show. But, I need help putting it together. Here's one of my old shows So yeah, for a 70-80 minute show I need to...
  20. dam2040

    HIStory album background?

    Does anyone have the background for the HIStory album cover? [AKA the cover with no statue and text?]