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  1. Xeones

    Does Price Of Fame stand out to anyone else?

    Hello all, don't mind me. Just slipping back in unannounced after a long absence...! So, I was running through Bad 25 last week. I've always enjoyed side two, but Price Of Fame is really a cut above the rest to me. I don't know if anyone else feels this, but to me it sounds so out of place for...
  2. Xeones

    Could this video show a more complete version of Beautiful Girl?

    Oh, boy... Here comes Xeones with that song again... In all seriousness. I was watching this video last night, and I heard a few differences to the released version that we have. Maybe it's my ears playing tricks, or some of the tracks were stripped back here. Let me know what you think...
  3. Xeones

    The Number Ones & Essential albums.

    I've had these CDs for a long time. I treasure them because they was released when he was still with us, and my copies are years old now! I just have a few questions. Was Michael directly involved with these albums? Was he involved with what was on them, how and when they were released etc? And...
  4. Xeones

    Why did Latoya say this? What's the backstory? And look at the comments... So many ignorant fools. I know it isn't true, but I need my questions answered...
  5. Xeones

    My New Year's Resolution.

    I've decided I'm going to stop getting so mad and angry when silly people online talk negatively about Michael. It really didn't do me any good. I worked it out. Yesterday, I spent seven hours on and off arguing with people who will never see the truth. If they are meant to see what is right...
  6. Xeones

    A site MJ fans should not visit.

    Guys, I made a mistake. I mentioned Michael on the Steve Hoffman forums, in a thread where people were discussing when he "fell from grace." I defended him and began discrediting all of the tabloid answers that were being thrown my way. It's pathetic. And it's beginning to anger me, so I'm not...
  7. Xeones

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys, I'm finally feeling mentally and physically well enough to post regularly again. I didn't announce my Xmas Competition winner, so I apologize, but to be honest everyone who submitted won. Congrats, guys! Anyway, I've got some new ideas for posts in my head so expect to see them soon.
  8. Xeones

    A small vent.

    Please note I will not be releasing the names of anyone involved in this to avoid drama and to respect their privacy. A while ago, I was a member of a Discord chat for an MJ channel. It was not a fun experience, so I want to get it off of my chest because it's really hurting me. What always...
  9. Xeones

    What I'd Do With Invincible.

    Alright... I've seen some people talking about what they would do with Invincible. So, I thought I'd make a little post- I couldn't be bothered with an overly detailed one. Let's say Michael has creative control over the album. Complete control, as he should have. We all know that would...
  10. Xeones

    Xeones' Christmas Competition!

    Okay. I'll set some criteria for you guys to make fanmade albums in the comments. You must include: -Album name. -Year(s) recorded/released. -Tracklist. -Songs that were 'cut by Michael' from your album. -Did he support your album with a tour? -Which songs received music videos? -Any other...
  11. Xeones

    My strange ability!

    Hey guys! So, yesterday I was in the gym. And this song was playing. It had a really "obvious" bassline, quite loud. I had never heard the song before in my life. I turned to my personal trainer and said, "you hear that bass?" and I mimicked it. I said, "when it changes, it'll do this..." and I...
  12. Xeones

    How would new MJ music sound in 2019/ the 2020s?

    I was thinking about this last night. Just another fun question which I'd love to have a discussion about. Ignoring the subject of MJ's age and the fact he wanted to pursue other ventures, what do you think he would sound like now? In terms of the kind of music he would be doing. I personally...
  13. Xeones

    My take on the elusive eleventh album.

    Hello everybody. I've seen a lot of discussion and debates online surrounding the topic of Michael's eleventh album. After doing some of my own research, I'd like to put forward my take on it. This is just a bit of fun, please don't be too harsh, this premise and most of the info is fanmade! -...