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    Has the estate ever at one point asked us the fans what we would like?

    Hey guys! I hope you are all well. I was just thinking while surfing through the pages here and watching the vids…has the estate ever asked us what we the fans would like? Im guessing no but just as they did the TII track wishlist where we voted on songs to be performed, couldn’t they ask...
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    YOUTUBE cover of Get On The Floor - really good i wouldnt share it otherwise lol

    Hey guys, Not sure how many of you have seen this but I couldn't keep it to myself, my friend shared this on his facebook profile and had to share it here. I think she did an amazing go of it! :clapping:
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    YT Video: President Obama does Thriller - well not really but it is a cool video

    Hey guys, I have just come across this and I thought it was really cool. :rofl: I may be late in watching this but any way take a look for those who haven't. I think its cool how they put his words together so that it looks like he sang Thriller lol Mod's please move if this is in the wrong...
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    VIMEO: MOS DEF sings Billie Jean at his gig (tribute)

    Hey not sure If this has been posted but thought id share it as I came across this on vimeo. For those who don't know who he is, he is a hip hop recording artist/actor. And has also starred in Michael's Ghosts film. Pretty cool don't ya think?
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    Had to post this again, Tribute song to Michael from The Game, Chris Brown and Boys 2 Men

    Hey, Just come across this to which I haven't heard this song in a long time, last time I heard this was 2009. I have to show my appreciation for this. :clapping::chillin::clapping: Did this get much recognition when it first came out? does anyone remember? Below is 2 vids with the lyrics...
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    IDEA/THOUGHT - Documentary with Michaels Archivist Karen Langford.

    IDEA/THOUGHT is - Documentary with Michaels Archivist Karen Langford. Hey guys, Hope everyone is well. I was just thinking....what are your thoughts on the idea of the Estate creating a documentary or even a short little tour of one of the warehouse's with Karen Langford Michael's Archivist in...
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    Mariah Carey Samples Off The Wall in new song Im That Chick...

    Title says it all, I like the song, the sample is near the end