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    hello my dear friends!!!

    since the tragedy happened i dont feel like coming on here anymore and i've missed u all so very much. so if any of u ever wanna contact me my email addy is : or u can add me on windows live messenger. hope y'all doing fine *hugs*
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    Let's talk movies!!! (game)

    ok i just made up this game (a very hard one lol) u ask "have u seen this movie" for example "have u seen toy story 2 ?" and the person below u answers then they ask the same question and so on. have u seen the departed ?
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    Inside the O2 Arena: Size, Pics, Videos... [All threads merged]

    plz post pics that show how it is like inside. the stage, the seats etc ty
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    IMPORTANT question for everyone!!!!

    if we have 2 or more credit cards on the same account and the money that the one credit card has is not enough for the purchase of the ticket, do they automatically withdraw the rest of the money from the second credit card ? PLZ REPLY ONLY IF UR 1000% SURE. thank you.
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    How many shows are you attending ?

    just wondering....
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    Jack Nicholson

    who here loves this guy ? :D i absolutely adore him. hes so awesome! hes got this great sense of humour, hes very very charming and seems truly fascinating. my top fave movies starring jack are : as good as it gets, the shining, the departed, batman, a few good men, mars attacks and terms of...
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    Academy Awards 2009

    Nominations were announced yesterday 1/22 Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Richard Jenkins THE VISITOR Frank Langella FROST/NIXON Sean Penn MILK Brad Pitt THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON Mickey Rourke THE WRESTLER Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Josh Brolin MILK...
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    how many episodes does the jacksons tv show have ?

    i know theres only 2 seasons but how many episodes ?
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    Single ladies (put a ring on it) - parody LMAO y'all should watch this. hilarious :lmao:
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    don't you think....

    its time for michael to hire an official spokesperson so that he/she can put shitty rumors like the recent one to rest ? i hate tabloids more than anything and i never believe them. i know they're all bullshit but the thing is when a rumor like this is reported and other tabloids and the rest of...
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    MJ's Kids Forgo Christmas to Give to the Needy; MJ's New Musical Direction?

    this was posted on yesterdays news thread and nobody payed attention to it. i wonder why. nobody commented on it and it was like nobody even read it. so i decided to open a new thread on this. maybe now fans will finally notice it ? lol a girl can hope :lol:
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    your favourite xmas movies

    some of mine are: the grinch, home alone 1&2, this christmas, fred claus, nightmare before christmas, a christmas carol, bad santa and many disney animation movies. :)
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    If the world was ruled by women....

    most societies throughout the history of the human race have been run by men but what if all the world leaders were women do u think the world would be different than it is today ? i honestly think that it would. it'd be sooooo much better. if we take a look at world history we wont see a...
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    do u get along with ur parents ? what kind of relations do u have with them (eg good, bad, typical etc) ? i have really bad relations with both of my parents. i simply cant stand them. its not that they're bad people. i just cant get along with them. my father is a lot to take. a very difficult...
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    HELP - Windows Live Messenger

    hello, i have a yahoo account on windows live messenger (msn) and i must delete it because it got hacked and everytime i scan my comp i find tons of tracking cookies. HOW can i delete it ? thank you :flowers:
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    Give It 2 Me - Madonna

    who else LOVES this song ? i cant stop listening to it. i find it absolutely great. :D the video is very good too. pharell is funny in it lol :P
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    Question about the european dates of her upcoming tour

    first she was supposed to come to europe, then there were rumors that she canceled those dates and then she came out and stated that those rumors were false and that she would come to europe after all as she had announced in the beginning. now only a few weeks before her tour kicks off we have...
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    Lmao!!! JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - TIMBERLAKE'S EMBARRASSING ACCIDENT Pop star JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was so nervous when he met his sports idol MICHAEL JORDAN, he wet himself. The SexyBack singer counts the basketball star...
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    Why MJ fans worry so much over what the media say ?

    we all know that in the last 20+ years the media have been trying to bring michael down with every possible way they can think of. we all know that the media follow a specific agenda against michael because they know that by doing this way they earn billions. michael has clearly stated many...