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    What's your first MJ concert?

    My first MJ concert was in New Orleans when came to the Superdome with his brothers back in the mid 80s. He performed a medley with his brothers. Then he performed his solo music. He wore a sparkly sequined black suit. It was the best time ever!
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    Neverland State Park???

    Hi, Elusive. Yep, I'm still around. Anyway, no matter what they do with the property, if it is revenue generating, Santa Barbara County, the same one that almost ruined his life, will benefit from it in the form of tax revenue. So bit it though....cause I want to see his children get the...
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    Neverland State Park???

    I agree with you. I think that these kids should have a say in what happens to Neverland. And Barrack needs to stop talking as if can just go and sell Neverland if he wants to. He can not. He is only part owner. And the estate can buy him out if they choose. And I hope they do.
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    Am I the only one who thinks of nothing else but joining him?

    No, you are not the only one! I think about joining him all the time. But not in a suicidal way. I know in my deepest heart that Michael is in heaven with God....a place I hope to go to one day. My thoughts are of walking into heaven when I day and seeing him there. Boy, that is going to be...
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    We Are The World 25 for Haiti / Official video now in first post.

    I don't think the intent was to remake the original. Lionel and Q knew it was going to be different. I just think it was very respectful of them to not forget Michael. I still like the original better, but I appreciate the second helping.
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    State of Tennessee Passes Resolution to Honor Michael Jackson

    What I wanna know is now that the resolution has passed, what are they gonna do? How are they gonna honor him? With a street name? A park name? What?
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    Universal Music Group Sues MJ Estate! (MJ Singing R Kelly Song)

    Everybody in the car was singing the song, so why is Michael's estate the only one being sued? I believe Universal has a vendetta against Michael for suing them.
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    Story on MJ's Children In People Magazine Next Week

    Well, this article has a lot of mistruths in it....especially the parts about Michael's kids not having a home nor any other children to play with. But I will say this...Michael knew that his mother was still faithful to the JW religion BEFORE he died. It was his decision to leave them with...
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    The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream)~ ALL POSTS GO HERE!

    Re: The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream) I think that was a good show, but I missed the first part. Don't forget to tune in next Sunday night on A and E. Around 9 pm.
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    The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream)~ ALL POSTS GO HERE!

    Re: The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream) I can already see that Jermaine is gonna be the one to cause this reunion not to take place. He is not acting right. Somebody needs to tell him that the King of Pop is dead and he can't be replaced.
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    The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream)~ ALL POSTS GO HERE!

    Re: The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream) She meant that it is too emotional for her to watch Ms K mourning. And Jermaine is a complete asshole for not showing up at that photo shoot. It is obvious to me that he wants to stand out from the brothers. He wants to be the big cheese...
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    Jackson's brothers on Larry King

    Re: Jackson's brothers on Larry King monday The brothers aren't doing anything else to make money. Reality tv shows are the next best thing for stars who arent' making music anymore. K-Ci and JoJo are filming theirs right now, too.
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    Dr. Conrad Murray Attends Church in Houston, Crying

    When I saw this man on the news today going back to work in his office, my heart dropped. It dropped because for the first time I felt that no one is gonna be brought to justice for Michael's death. His death will be ruled a homocide with no one paying the price. How can the family continue...
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    R. Kelly Tribute Video--It's a Good One

    I agree....seems like it is talking directly to the children. I just hope he releases it.
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    Poll: Will 'This Is It' be nominated for best picture at the Oscars?

    I just got back from seeing the movie. It was really good. Michael was raw and human. He was ordering people around and he has a really cute sense of humor.
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    LaToya - Mike's Sons Not Coping

    I agree with the person who says that LaToya talking about the kid's every move to the media only fuels their interest in the children. I think she needs to stop talking about them. This family is not protecting those kid's privacy the way they know Michael did. That bothers me.
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    Jackson's Will -- Randy Says Not MJ's Signature

    If Michael's family gets a hold of his estate, Prince, Paris and Blanket won't have anything when they reach 18. Michael knew this and that is why he kept them out of the power decisions of his estate. Randy is shameful to me. And Ms Katherine is also walking a thin line if you aske me. I am...
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    The Daily Weekend News Oct 23 - 25

    Re: Jackson family lawyer hints at 'new evidence' in battle for estate If Michael wanted Ms Katherine to have a " seat at the table", he would have given it to her in his will. He did not. And now I see why he did not.
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    Jackson Estate News: Jackson Family Claims MJ Fired Branca

    I think that Ms. Katherine is making a big mistake by trying to have Branca removed as executor. There is no one in her circle that is better than this guy. I truly believe that when Michael fired Branca, he did it because there were people in his life who wanted control and they didn't want...
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    AP: Jackson was healthy

    Wow, this is simply amazing, but no surprise to me. I never believed that Michael was no drug addict. Just because you had an addiction to pain killers in the past does not mean you are a drug addict. And some or all of those needles marks could have come from the ambulance drive. They had...