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    James M. Barrie's last words

    "I can't sleep". Michael couldn't sleep either. Michael got his Peter Pan theme for Neverland from the author, James M. Barrie who created Peter Pan. James M. Barrie died on June 19, 1937, same month as Michael.
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    Phen Phen? Michael died of Phen Phen?

    I just watched a reporter on MSNBC say that she has been told that Murray is under investigation for manslaughter and that the drug in question is PHEN PHEN! She says that Michael was concerned about his weight and that he wasn't eating because Murray gave him this illegal drug. As you may...
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    The Eternal Moonwalk

    Have you guys seen this tribute to Michael? In fact, as I type, there is an internet craze going on where people are starting moonwalk legacies to Michael all over the internet. It is the latest craze!
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    Londell McMillan on LKL in 30 minutes!

    Don't forget to watch, yall.
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    Michael is in Heaven with God! Read this!
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    I spent the day with Michael's jackets!

    I visited the Grammy Museum today in Los Angeles. Michael's stage costumes are on display there until April 12th. I got blessed by this lady who was waiting with me for the museum to open. She let me use her coupon and I got in for $11.95 instead of $14.95. Anyway.... There were 8 jackets...
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    Neverland Is So Beautiful!

    I just found a website that has some of the most beautiful pictures of Neverland and I must say that I am very amazed at just how pretty the place really is. I especially love all the flower beds, gazebos and l lakes. I was also watching Forbes list of most expensive celebrity weddings and...