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  1. TheSilentOne

    Could you help me to select a song?

    My grandma teaches dancing lessons, it's basics of modern dance, folk dance, ballet - the point is to teach the kids how to move to music and to develop the sense of rhythm and melody, to teach them how to embody the music. Usually she does choreographies to classical pieces, folk songs, or...
  2. TheSilentOne

    Save the Arctic - Petition

    At this very moment several companies (Shell, BP, Exxon, Gazprom, Rosneft and others) are making their plans to drill for oil in Arctic - a unique home of polar bears and other endangered species, untouched nature, a fragile environment. Previously classified government documents say dealing...
  3. TheSilentOne

    How are Jehovah's Witnesses perceived in your country?

    In my country the general opinion on JW religion is really bad. It is not even considered a religion, rather a dangerous sect that once they "get" you they isolate you from your family and friends and take all your money and property. I remember in the 90's they use to do door-to-door pioneering...
  4. TheSilentOne

    Adopting children

    Hi, is there by any chance anyone, who has experience with adopting children and wouldn't mind exchanging few encouraging messages/PM?
  5. TheSilentOne

    Guitar Chords

    Hi everyone, I was just wandering whether there are some amateur guitarists here, who would be interested in sharing/figuring out the chords/tabs of MJ songs. I sometimes have hard time figuring out the chords myself and google doesn't help much most of the time. Or - and this would be even...