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    I know there are some Brissie MJ fans here on mjjc so I thought i'd let u know about an upcoming fan tribute event being held in Michaels honour. It is an 18+ event so unfortunatley the young ones can't come. Here is the advertisment description: "Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in...
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    La Toya Jackson on 'The View'

    For those who are interested La Toya Jackson recently appeared on 'The View' as a cohost. For those who didn't see it here on some clips I found on youtube. She discusses her relationship with her father, sister Janet and defends Madonna against those who were saying her speech at the VMA's was...
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    The Music of Janet Damita Jo (Janet appreciation thread)

    I saw a thread about the music of Jermaine and thought I would start one on the talented Miss Janet! After Michael she is my favourite Jackson in terms of music! She has released some killer tunes :) She is a legend in her own right and has made a huge impact on popular music. So what is...
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    Jackson Family interview - Phil Donahue (1989)

    I thought some people here might be interested in seeing this. Its the appearance the Jackson Family did in 1989 on the Phil Donahue Show! Its an interesting watch! (PART 1) (PART 2)...
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    La Toya Jackson 2009 (statement addressing rumours)

    Here is a statement and interview given by La Toya yesterday at AIDS Project LA...not only does she speak about the importance of the work done by AIDS project LA but also about how the family is coping, her reasons for releasing 'home' when she did and the importance of Michaels legacy as a...
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    La Toya speaks about Michael on German TV

    For those who are interested La Toya recently did an interview on German TV where she talks about her pain and how the family is coping with Michaels death. Here is the vid description: This is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Michael's older sister La Toya Jackson on a german TV- Show...
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    La Toya Jackson "Home" -NOW AVAILABLE for download

    According to Bungalow/Universal records La Toya will be releasing a new single from her Startin Over album entitled "Home"... The song was written in around 2001-2002 as a tribute for her family, she mentions michael especially and refers to him as 'joker' and talks about the love she has for...
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    Happy birthday Rebbie & La Toya Jackson!!

    Happy Birthday to Rebbie and La Toya for the 29th of May! Rebbie turns 59 and La Toya turns 53...I hope they have a wonderful day (even though Rebbie doesn't celebrate it I wish her the best anyway..)
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    For non UK fans: Will you make the trip to London?

    Hi all! I was just many of non-UK fans are willing to travel all the way to London to see Michael perform? Especially if it there is a chance that they may be his last live performances ever.. I personally would love to see him live (as I haven't had that oppurtunity yet) but I...
  10. libsta81

    La Toya Jackson on celebrity big brother (UK) 2009

    Im not sure if this is official news yet...but La Toya Jackson is rumoured to be one of the celebrities entering the UK big brother house for the 2009 series.. I dunno whether to believe this story yet..i suppose we wait and see,, if it is true I think it should be interesting...I watched...
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    Fav Jackson Family Members

    Hey Guys...was wondering who your favourite Jackson family members were? For me I would say 1. Michael 2. La Toya 3. Janet (although if we are talking in terms of music I would put her second) 4. Rebbie/Jermaine 5. Katherine 6. Randy 7. Marlon/Jackie/Tito 8. Taj, Tarryl and TJ 9...
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    La Toya Jackson - E! true hollywood story

    Hey guys, This is the e! true hollywood story documentary done on latoya (i think it was a fair few years back now..)..i thought some here might be interested..Enjoy :)
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    Top 4 artist/bands other than MJ....

    I don't know if this thread has already been started...but who are you top 5 artists (not including MJ coz we obviously all like him)? Solo Artists 1. Christina Aguilera 2. Mariah Carey 3. Latoya/Janet Jackson 4. Whitney/Beyonce 5. Amy Winehouse Bands 1. jacksons/j5 2. Destiny Child 3...
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    Happy Birthday Rebbie Jackson!

    Happy Birthday to the oldest of the Jackson siblings Rebbie! Oh and La TOya as well..(its also her birthday!):cheers:
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    MJ's 'Give in to me' UNPLUGGED

    if you haven't already heard it, this is a live/unplugged acoustic guitar version of mj singing 'Give in to me' Enjoy! :D u can hear the audio on its own here:
  16. libsta81

    MJ Dance Tributes

    Hi all, Please check out my mj dance tributes and let me know what you think...I would really greatly appreciate it :) And if anyone has a youtube channel, feel free to add me!