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    Coreyography, book by Corey Feldman

    Corey Feldman's book: Former child star Corey Feldman's new memoir reveals horrific abuse Published October 21, 2013 June 26, 2007 - Corey Feldman (right) and ex-wife Susie Sprague at a screening in Beverly Hills, California. (REUTERS) Although he’s known for successful comedies, 80’s...
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    Murray and Hoefflin: Propofol Dream team

    Murray and Hoefflin: Propofol Dream team Posted on September 2, 2012 by AWKMD After the trial of Conrad Murray certain questions remain unanswered. Who hired Murray? Dr Klein was out of the country in May of 2009 so how could he possibly have given the doses of...
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    Why I think The 2002 Will is a fruad

    There is Seven's blog here where she brings up the fact that Trent sold the vid of the children to tabs - certainly not the wishes of Katherine. Seven seems to believe the will is valid, although I am sure it is fake- but that the estate should answer the questions concerning the will. Very...
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    Surveillance video

    This blogger brings up some interesting points about the surveillance footage, which relates to the timeline- ‘Michael would be at home approximately at 2:00 AM’ Video Surveillance system When checking the surveillance footage, Supall said they were just looking for a time of arrival. They...
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    Nicole Alvarez

    Just heard on the radio that CM's girlfriend gave an interview to Inside Edition. I do not see anything on the website though.
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    (April 4th 2012) Alan Mintz dies- Bad Tour attorney dies at 58 from Andiliz Alan Mintz -- Attorney, Manager, Music Industry Veteran -- Dies at 58...
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    Q & A- The Real Michael Jackson Video

    Luna Jo uploaded TruTV interview - 5 parts (only 2 are up):
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    Flanagan interview on In Session

    Flanagan is giving an interview on In Session coming up if anyone interested.
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    Michael la Perruque on HLN with Dr. Drew

    I just saw LaPerruque on TV with Dr. Drew. Discussed many things - drugs, MJ children, Alberto Alvarez works for LaPerruque, where he was at the airport when he got the news, being at the hospital Transcripts should be up by tomorrow. They should repeat later tonight I think. Very...
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    Book: the Tylenol Mafia

    found this vid related to the Tylenol murders on Bonnie Cox's twitter. Excellent vid. Ted Kaczinski is getting his DNA tested, so that will be interesting but I think I agree with the author of the book that's a red herring & cover-up by Johnson & Johnson. I definitely will read the book...
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    Conrad Murray

    From andjusticeforsome's blog - not sure what has happened to his house: To Foreclose or Not to Foreclose: That is the Question What happened to Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home? Fans...
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    Kai Chase - odd testimony

    Kai after she goes & gets Prince (somethings wrong with your father!)for Murray she goes back to work??? Nobody would do that unless she had to get rid of something or turn a boiling pot off, but that would take seconds. That is why she didn't know that Prince & Paris had gone upstairs, is my...
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    Thome firing Security

    According to testimony by Michael Amir Williams, after Michael was pronounced gone and security returned to the house. Q Was your security team still operating security at that time? A I recall a new security team had came and said that our security team was relieved. And someone by the name...
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    Hours of footage for This Is It

    There is a discrepancy in the hours of footage for This Is It which I find odd. Here is Kenny Ortega's interview where he says 80+ at 1:17. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>...
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    from Bonnie Cox: This will be a short blog because it is not really one I had planned to do. However, there has been some every-so-subtle movement in the Branca Camp and I’ll just bet that little stinker thought I forgot about him . . . but I didn’t. I am still watching and what I don’t...
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    Good article from Kasume on Thome: In The News: Colony Capital May “Throw Their Hat Into The...
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    Vid of Alvarez:
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    Muzikfactory2 - sony for dummies

    <header> MICHAEL LEFT SONY IN 2002 AND HE NEVER WENT BACK Though we may differ in what constitutes as their “best interests”, I genuinely believe all fans have Michael’s and his children’s best interest at heart. Regardless of where we stand in...
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    list of conspirators

    Original list of conspirators from April 4, 2005 from Carol Davis was, at kopboard, reported by fandancer: link: Branca Trudy Green Malnik Charles Koppelman Brett Ratner Tommy Motolla Howard Kaufman Here in Bonnie...
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    Change the Charges

    We stopped the discovery autopsy, and something last year too (I forgot what was mentioned), we caused the D.A. to actually cut off his line. We can convince them to change the charges to what they SHOULD be. Here is the contact for the D.A. We must contact him to change these charges...