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  1. MJHistory22

    Michael Jackson 1999 Benefit Show

    Hello I Need some Pictures from the 1999 Benefit Show Munich or Korea is there any Gallery ?
  2. MJHistory22

    Billie Jean Light Pants ?

    Hello I am an Michael Jackson Impersonator and I am looking for the Billie Jean LED Light Pants I remember that somebody sell it somewhere but I cant find it anymore can anybody tell where I can order one ?
  3. MJHistory22

    Very big slip up by jermaine ( my favorite ;)

    Check this out Jermaine slips up :) ENJOY Michael is alive 1000 %
  4. MJHistory22

    What abou Hologram Conncert from Michael ?

    Hey Everybody I was just thinking how it will be a Conncert from This is it in Hologram ? Can you imagine this ? Or do you say thats not what i want to see ? Tell me your thoughts For me It will be amazing to see :)
  5. MJHistory22

    More Concerts in 2010 O2 Arena in germany? :)

    I just read this on a German Website. I dont no if its true but here is the article. The "King of Pop" - Michael Jackson (50) is coming to Berlin! According to information IMAGE is the mega-star in the autumn of 2010 in the O2 World several concerts. A Germany-comeback after 15 years...
  6. MJHistory22

    Michael Jackson Costume Only ?

    Does somebody have Michael Costumes only on Picture ?
  7. MJHistory22

    History Tour Pictures ?

    Hello I need more Pictures from the History Tour I already have all the pics from soo if you have please post it for me thanks
  8. MJHistory22

    History Tour Scream Outfit ( Silver )

    Hey everybody hury up Im searching for the silver Around the body I now its VACUFORMPLASTIC but I dont no who can make this special thing around the costume I have seeen some Impersonators who have this But I write to them and they didnt awnser saaaad :( Is there not another way to create...
  9. MJHistory22

    DVD Cover

    Hello I neeeeed alot of DVD Covers please show me what you got Thanks
  10. MJHistory22

    Thriller 25 Picture

    Hello I need the Michael Jackson Thriller Special 25 My space Lay out can someone Help me?
  11. MJHistory22

    The Girl Is Mine

    I By the Maxi Cd Today this Song is so Great I Love it soooo much I cant wait until The Thriller Special Michael I love you
  12. MJHistory22

    Brunei Concerts

    Its Sad that they dont give Both Brunei Concerts out in the Internet:( so many MJ Fans wants to see the Full Show from the Royal and the History Tour But they only give us Teasers Im serouisly I have enough from Teasers what is in your mind?