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  1. jemini515

    Coping strategies

    Hi friends, I thought I'd start a discussion/list of suggestions for fans who are very upset by the trial (and I count myself as one!). Most of these are things I figured out post June 25th that have worked for me. Please add anything that works for you to help relieve your stress, anxiety...
  2. jemini515

    Reghead121: Some love for our friend!

    Our dear MJJC friend Reghead121 has been going through some difficult times personally, and I wanted to start a thread of support and encouragement to show her how much we love her! :heart: She has been open about her challenges on Facebook but I don't want to share them here out of privacy...
  3. jemini515

    TMZ to criticize Michael tomorrow on their TV show...

    B.S. alert! Just heard a teaser for TMZ's TV show tomorrow, insinuating that Michael allowed one of his children to undergo a questionable medical procedure. They will say more on the show tomorrow. I hope no one gives them ratings or web clicks.... they make money off his name and then pull...
  4. jemini515

    Plea deal could be offered to Murray?

    I'm not from the UK so I'm not sure how credible a source this is. If it's tabloid, please move or delete. It seems to get one thing wrong, about Prince testifying in the prelim, which I thought was not expected. I am not sure if this lawyer Truc Do is involved in this case or if she is being...
  5. jemini515

    ROLLING STONE: "Inside Michael Jackson's Return"

    From ROLLING STONE RS 1119, December 9, 2010 issue. Not available online so I scanned this in. 1) Overview article about the "Michael" album, 2 pages 2) LA Reid's Michael Jackson playlist/top 10 (among many other artist & genre playlists in the issue) Pics here...
  6. jemini515

    One year since TII film released

    I just released that it was a full year ago since THIS IS IT was released in movie theaters. Have your feelings about the movie changed at all? I saw it four times in the theater including opening night, and I felt close to Michael watching him on the big screen. Every time I cried...
  7. jemini515

    Question: MJ in the movies

    Just something I don't know: what was the script that Michael pitched to Dreamworks hoping to star in the film, which was then made but without MJ? I read about this in the Leonard Rowe "What Really Happened to MJ" book and wasn't sure. Thanks, experts! ;)
  8. jemini515

    Just silly: how many MJJC threads are you subscribed to?

    I subscribe to 132 threads! Wow, but obviously only a few are currently active....
  9. jemini515

    A silly GP question for British fans

    I've always thought that in British English the outerwear that we Americans refer to as "pants" are called trousers, yet I've never hear anyone refer to MJ's Gold Pants as gold trousers. Does anyone say this? And when Brits see "gold pants" does that evoke underwear to you, or do you have a...
  10. jemini515

    New York area fans

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there are any other NY area fans who would like to stay in touch. Recently I met some wonderful people through a Heal the World For Children event in NYC, and I'd love to meet some more! (Plus HTWFC is going to have some more fun events coming up!) If you live in...
  11. jemini515

    Req - MJ and Eddie van Halen from OPUS?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the photo of MJ and Eddie van Halen from the Opus book. My husband loves EVH and I love MJ, so I would love to have this photo! I can't scan my Opus because there would be the page crease down the center. :-/ Thanks!!
  12. jemini515

    Kenny Ortega to direct IN THE HEIGHTS movie

    Just read that Kenny Ortega will direct the film of the Broadway musical IN THE HEIGHTS! I think he's an excellent choice for this fun musical. Hope the dance sequences will be great!!
  13. jemini515

    MJ left off VH1's most charitable list

    I'm not sure how this VH1 list was compiled, but Michael was left off of it. I am sick of people not giving him his due when he is the MOST charitable celeb! Some of these people are great, but why no MJ? THE...
  14. jemini515

    Questions about new support forum?

    Hi everyone, If anyone has any questions about the new, unaffiliated support forum which has just gone up, the site's administrators are Nova and Thrillerchild and I know they are happy to take any questions! Danniilee and myself are moderators and we'd also be glad to answer questions. I...
  15. jemini515

    Organizing chat group/Facebook group to stay in touch

    Hi all, I got permission from Victoria to start this new thread based on her and Trish's suggestion that we can start some kind of chat group away from MJJC. One idea is a Facebook group. It can be private so outsiders cannot see messages and we can make the settings very restrictive if...
  16. jemini515

    Two logistical questions

    I saw TII again today -- I wish I could see it in a theatre every week and that it would never leave! Two logistical questions came into my mind this time: 1) There is a quick shot of Michael arriving at the March press conference in a golf cart. The video I've seen on the internet previously...
  17. jemini515

    Michael happy!

    Can we restart the "Michael happy" photo thread? I loved looking at it. Post his beautiful smile here! :)
  18. jemini515

    I feel like I missed out on summer

    How is it September already? My world shifted more than I ever could have expected on 6/25. In one sense I feel like I've aged years in the last few months, and on the other hand I can't believe how fast time is passing. And it seems the whole summer flashed by in a sea of tears, anger, and...
  19. jemini515

    An embarrassing thread... having an MJ crush?

    Hi all, I find talking about this particular topic REALLY embarrassing but I'm dying to know if others relate.... and I think some might, judging from the "manhood", "lovemaking face" etc threads on this forum! MJ has been many things to me: an artist whose work I admire deeply, a wonderful...
  20. jemini515

    Sound samples in "History" (song)?

    Is there a list anywhere of all of the sound samples in the song "History"? Just wondering! Thanks!