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  1. Ágnes

    My Michael pumpkin at the Halloween festival in Budapest

    The last two years I asked you to vote on my Michael pumpkin at a Halloween Pumpkin contest..this year i went again and all pumpkins entered the contest. Would be nice to win one of the first 3 places because this way they would put again "Michael" on their "winners" page now for the third time...
  2. Ágnes

    Béla Farkas (Hungarian boy, whose liver transplant was paid by Michael 20 years ago) has become a da

    Béla Farkas (Hungarian boy, whose liver transplant was paid by Michael 20 years ago) has become a dad! Hungarian magazine reported about it, here are photos from it. (later i will post summary about the article..)
  3. Ágnes

    Michael Pumpkin at a Halloween Festival

    Hi, this year again i did Michael-Thriller Pumpkin and took it to 2 Halloween/Pumpkin Festivals in Budapest - Hungary. One of them was organized on the square where Michael filmed the HIStory teaser (Heroes` Square). It had a big success, so many people were gathering around it, taking photos...
  4. Ágnes

    Grumpy cat Michael

    For the Grumpy cat fans.. (i will add more soon ;) )
  5. Ágnes

    Thriller pumpkins at Halloween festival - photo & video

    Me and my friends made Thriller style pumpkins and took them to a Halloween festivval here in Budapest. I post here photo of it and a video :) They had a pumpin contest there and now we can vote for the winner on their website. Could you please vote on ours? (for the one, where 3 pumpkins are...
  6. Ágnes

    Video of the flashmob in Budapest/Hungary (where Michael filmed the teaser!) - 29th August, 2011

    The official video is ready of the flashmob in Budapest/Hungary - 29th August, 2011 locations: -Heroes`s Square (Hősök tere) - where Michael filmed the teaser in 1994! -St. Stephen's Basilica -Millenáris park
  7. Ágnes

    Coudl you please vote on MITM video here? (those who are on facebook) thx!:)

    I am among the 5 finalist in a game on the Jam of the Days facebook page. (this was not a Michael game, but an Apple one). We each had to pick a song, and that person will win whose song gets the most likes by Friday (tomorrow). If you are on facebook, could you please vote (LIKE) on my video...
  8. Ágnes

    Facebook contest help

    Hey, i have entered a contest on facebook, where i have to collect many "likes". If you have facebook could you please help me? It is just 2 clicks. First you have to "like" this page: (it is a page for a Hungarian shopping mall)
  9. Ágnes

    question about This Is It 2 disc Collector`s edition

    Hey, could you please tell me whether this editon will contain the 3 hologram cards, 4 postcards, and little booklet as well? on some photos if i put "This is it 2 disc collector edition" in google those also come up with the box..but on this amazon site it is not mentioned. Thank you:)...
  10. Ágnes

    This Is It - HUNGARY

    the promotion started for the presale....took these photos in one of those cinemas that will play the movie:
  11. Ágnes

    Michael Jackson commemorative stamp released in Hungary on 29th August

    On 29th August commemorative stamp was released in Hungary of Michael Jackson. On the stamp there is a photo that was taken during the History concert in Budapest (10th September 1996) It was first released yesterday in the Stamp Museum (hopefully i can post photos of it later). Only on...
  12. Ágnes

    Etch A Sketch - Mike&ET drawing

    i have found this in google, it is nice i thought to post it recently i was sorting out boxes which are full of some toys from when i was a kid and i found this with this drawing on it. It is funny i must have been around 12 years old when i made it...and it "survived" 14 years until i found...
  13. Ágnes

    Question about Credit Card (Visa Electron)

    I have a question to those who have already bought ticket and with Visa Electron card. Did it work? Because it is llisted on ticketmaster website that they accept it, but i still dunno if i should risk and it will really work. It does not have raised numbers, but has the 3 nr security code at...
  14. Ágnes

    Ville Valo drunken in a bar singing We are the world i am not fan of him, a friend showed me this :)
  15. Ágnes

    Ágnes`s gifs, graphics

    I am posting in this thread the Michael gifs, and other graphics (mainly siggies) i have made earlier, but i am also planning to make more in the future, and i will also post them as well:) if you like one of them feel free to use them ;) I have much more in my computer, i will update this topic...
  16. Ágnes

    Funny new era pic (just for fun, do not take it seriously)

    UPDATED April the recent pictures inspired me :D update: The PJ gold pants on tour in Ed Hardy style 1st April joke:
  17. Ágnes

    Michael photographed in a CD shop in Budpaest

    here are some photos that were taken of Michael in Budapest in 1996 in a CD shop mainly with the ppl who worked there)
  18. Ágnes


    Which one is everyone`s fave? i have just tried Milka "Fire" which is with chilli....delicious!!:cheeky:
  19. Ágnes

    Hungarian fans celebrating Michael`s Birthday in Budapest

    Yesterday Hungarian fans celebrated Michael`s Birthday in Budapest during a club meeting that is held every 2nd months in a venue. ( About 60 fans attended the event! /Since this Eintertainment Complex has a busy shedule, this was the closest date to Michael`s Birthday when...
  20. Ágnes

    Bravo Legends - special MJ issue - Michael's comeback in 2009 Hold My Hand released end of September

    Fantastic news!!! source German Malibu forum ( ) posted by mijjac08. On 15 September will be the Bravo Legends special issue released: - 100 sites of Michael - 12 posters (2 Megaposter, 10 normal poster ) - on the cover is the same pic that was for the Ebony...