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  1. Screamin

    Chicago 1945

    we should get the track soon but I just want the raw demo im not interested in a Timbaland remix!
  2. Screamin

    Michael Jackson's autograph

    dont trust COA anyone can print them!
  3. Screamin

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    all gone! their plan didn't work! hopefully they rethink future albums as im sure they had a load more songs in the "PIPELINE" XD
  4. Screamin

    Hi i'm new italian fan merry christmas and good holidays

    Hi and Merry Xmas for 2022
  5. Screamin

    Is this information about the unreleased songs true?

    In The back sounds fine to me as it sounds on the UC
  6. Screamin

    how are things?

    how are things?
  7. Screamin

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    the album isn't that bad now those tracks have been removed.
  8. Screamin

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    whoever sang the songs properly took them to court over royalties or something? Malachi or porte?
  9. Screamin

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    Are the Estate watching us now?
  10. Screamin

    When will they finally give up?

    Anyone else remember staying up late in the UK waiting for Breaking News to premier? I felt like I had been kicked in the gut after 10 seconds!
  11. Screamin

    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    disc 2 is gonna be jammed packed full of tracks no on even knew existed! the estate are gonna smash this release!
  12. Screamin

    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    we need a soundtrack cd for the musical
  13. Screamin

    Xscape demos - different than the leaks?

    such a shame as this im sure was a sure fire hit on the next album
  14. Screamin

    Heyyyyyy :)

    Heyyyyyy :)
  15. Screamin

    Xscape demos - different than the leaks?

    anyone know the story behind as to why Xscape was leaked in 2002? I remember finding it on YouTube around 2005 with a tribute to MJ video
  16. Screamin


    Demo of threatened? is there a link
  17. Screamin

    Debunking/MJ Defending Video Collection to "Leaving Neverland" to support and share

    Re: Campaign: Get good Debunking/MJ Defending LN Videos to over 200 000 views on YouTube MJ Is INNOCENT!
  18. Screamin

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Re: Sundance Festival 2019 - Controversial MJ Documentary "Leaving Neverland" signed!! this surely cannot go ahead!!