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  1. dangerous_88

    [GAME] Come Play MJJC Bad 25 Trivia and Scavenger Hunt Game

    Re: [GAME] MJJC Bad 25 Trivia and Scavenger Hunt Game 1. Soundworks Studio 2. He plays the piano 3. The spoken intro (and also there is a Spanish version, Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu) 4. Frank Dileo 5. I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana 6. 123...
  2. dangerous_88

    Bad Tour ’88 voted Wembley’s second greatest event ever

    Oh come on, now Muse are not talented? Gimme a break, Matt Bellamy is a modern genius. Still, I wish MJ would have won. Or Queen, they deserve it more than Muse I think.
  3. dangerous_88

    Does Anyone Feel That Michael Raised Them?

    what a beautiful question.. yes, I do, I really do feel like that.
  4. dangerous_88

    Dedicate a song to Michael. Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of touching, so sincere... :(
  5. dangerous_88

    Michael Jackson 'Behind The Mask Project' Press Release & Trailer / Video on Page 11

    A quick news flash for those who say the video lacks the involvement of Michael himself... Michael Jackson is dead. Thought you might wanna know.
  6. dangerous_88

    MTV UK crowning new King of Pop????

    "Who are you listening to these days?" Wow. Yes, that's what it takes to become King of Pop... Be listened "these days"... So, yeah I guess that makes Justin Bieber the new KOP cuz half of the stupid people out there in the world see him as the best out there, the musical know...
  7. dangerous_88

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 / Elizabeth Taylor Laid to Rest at Forest Lawn

    Re: Liz Taylor Has Died My God... I am shaking... All of a sudden I feel really unwell :( :( :( R.I.P. Dear Dame Elizabeth... You will be greatly missed. You and Michael take care of each other.. God can this actually be hapenning? Both of them gone? Somebody wake us up already... :(
  8. dangerous_88

    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Re: Michael - The Great Album Debate (Only Go Here if You Want To Continue The Controversy) ahahahahha ! The Simpsons - Reverend Lovejoy's wife Helen always says that! You made me laugh so much! :D
  9. dangerous_88

    Exclusive: Inside Michael Jackson’s “Hollywood”

    It makes me happy that Michael worked on this song sporadically, and ultimately wanted to release it on the new album. I wish more people would support the song and the video... It deserves to be a hit, unlike the most of the musical crap we hear today......
  10. dangerous_88

    “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    ooh this is awesome! thanks!:clapping:
  11. dangerous_88

    “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    wow now you guys complain about the stripper part? and before it was like, no don't make a happy dancing video, we need a dark twist at the end to show the dark sides of Hollywood etc. some of you people make me wish we never ever get anything more from Michael's music, and the promotion of it...
  12. dangerous_88

    “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    I really liked the video, but I didn't like the new version of the song that much... The song was good as it was on the album. I wish they hadn't changed it. I did like the part without the speaking though, but I wouldn't mind if it was the other way round, just if they had left the original...
  13. dangerous_88

    TMZ Video: MJ Music Video Shoot Takes Over Hollywood

    Well i am happy to say I saw her live then! Which was like, one of the three good things about the Sticky and Sweet concert...
  14. dangerous_88

    TMZ Video: MJ Music Video Shoot Takes Over Hollywood

    Cause it's a Michael Jackson video. Not Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna. Jeez. Unnecessary questions...