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  1. Hocus

    Michael Jackson exhibition in Gronau Germany 24-06-14 untill 21-09-14

    Not sure if this has been posted yet : For Michael Jackson fans in or around Germany : There will be a huge exhibition at the rock´n'popmuseum in Gronau Germany of Michael Jackson memorabilia. The items come from the private collection of Chris Julian Dittmar. “The Dittmar Collection” is one...
  2. Hocus

    Michael Jackson Memorial & Sunflower event @The MJ HIStory statue in Best, The Netherlands

    June 25th it will be 5 years since Michael left us... Let's come together on this day and put all our differences aside and remember Michael together in a beautiful and respectful way. You can bring candles, flowers, cards, drawings etc. etc. We can sit at the foot of the statue around...
  3. Hocus

    MJJC meet up @ MJ Honors event in Cologne, Germany

    Anyone from MJJC attending this event too? We'd love to meet up with other MJJC people! ? For more information see this thread: See also the Facebook event page for the MJJC meet up...
  4. Hocus

    25-06-11 pics & a news item about the MJ HIStory statue in the Netherlands ♥

    I'd like to share this with you all, hope you like it... Michael Jackson fans in the Netherlands pay tribute at giant memorial statue: Here's the link for the...
  5. Hocus

    Looking for pics from the Bad Tour photoshoot together with Katherine

    I'm looking for pics from the Bad Tour photoshoot together with Katherine. Can anyone help me?
  6. Hocus

    Pics HIStory statue Best The Netherlands 01-05-11

    Here are some pics from our visit to the HIStory statue in Best last Sunday. Hope you like them... :wink: Be welcome to join the Facebook page:!/pages/Michael-Jackson-memorial-place-in-Best-The-Netherlands/172078559502678
  7. Hocus

    03-04-11 Pics MJ HIStory statue in Best, The Netherlands

    Here are some pics from my visit to the MJ HIStory statue yesterday... Hope you like them! :) We welcome you to join our Facebook page:
  8. Hocus

    Facebook page for the MJ memorial place in Best, The Netherlands

    Please join! ?!/pages/Michael-Jackson-memorial-place-in-Best-The-Netherlands/172078559502678
  9. Hocus

    If We Hold On Together ♥

    Just wanted to share this video (made by JuliasAngel) with you, my MJJC family! :wub: 9DzCHTQVc2g
  10. Hocus

    Pics Thrill The World Gouda, The Netherlands!

    Here are some pics from Thrill The World in Gouda, The Netherlands! :zombie: Hope you like em! :D L&L=L.O.V.E. & LiLShOrTaY Charlotte2807 & Hocus Hocus, Charlotte2807, Angela_MJJ & Tannie02 L&L=L.O.V.E & Tannie02 Tannie02 & Charlotte2807 Hocus...
  11. Hocus

    Planet Earth ♥

    Just wanted to share this : 8jP8CC2rKj4 When I look at those images, it makes me forget about all the sadness for a while and it makes me feel humble... Makes me fully realise that Michael is so right! Planet Earth is so amazing & beautiful! :heart: Now it's up to us to save it! :yes:
  12. Hocus

    25-06-10 Pics MJ memorial @ HIStory statue Best, The Netherlands

    Here are some pictures from yesterday that I'd like to share with you. It's from the HIStory statue in Best, The Netherlands, the memorial place for the Dutch fans. Yesterday was a very emotional day but at the same time it was magical to be together with all the other fans and feel all the love...
  13. Hocus

    Michael Jackson Memorial Munich ♥

    Some German fans have created this amazing memorial place in Munich! :heart: UElEK1420nA Please help them and sign their petition! All for L.O.V.E.! :heart:
  14. Hocus

    Please help Mima! Dog whose legs were chopped off...

    This is awful...:( Mima, a sweet dog from Bulgaria was tortured and mutilated by a sadistic monster who hacked each one of her limbs off... not just once but for days and weeks at a time!! Please help her!! This is her website: This is her...
  15. Hocus

    Dog strangled and dumped in the water

    A dog (Stafford) has been strangled and dumped in the water here in The Netherlands. She was pregnant with three puppies. I don't know, when I read stuff like this... :( Makes me feel ashamed I'm a human being... :cry: I just hope she didn't suffer much. R.I.P. girl... Here's the newsitem (it's...
  16. Hocus

    Idea: MJJC banner/flag which will be present at the demonstrations during the trial?

    Is it an idea to create an MJJC banner or flag which will represent all the MJJC fans during the trial? Something like this website is doing?
  17. Hocus

    Still available: 2 tickets for the GOTF dance event the 13th of March

    Hi everyone! Because of a cancellation we still have two tickets available for the GOTF dance event the 13th of March in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. When you're interested please send us (Hocus or charlotte2807) a private message. The tickets are EURO 12,50 each. For more information ...
  18. Hocus

    The Tribute London

    Has anyone heard any news about this? This is the website It says "coming soon", but I mean it's February already?? Do we have to organize something ourselves? Michael deserves the biggest tribute concert ever!! :clapping:
  19. Hocus

    So sick of this...

    I've just bumped upon a newsitem form a Dutch website. On New Years Eve some monsters (they can't be called human beings! :sad2:) have inserted fireworks in a cats behind. The poor thing exploded and died screaming having horrible pains. Here's the newsitem, it's in Dutch though...