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  1. bluetopez

    America's Next Top Model: Girls channel Michael Jackson style 'America's Next Top Model' recap: Girls channel Michael Jackson style Published Thursday, Oct 13 2011, 5:57am EDT | By Lara Martin | <script...
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    Wiiliam Wagener: Wants to produce MJ documentary. Needs our help!

    I made a thread before about a man named William Wegener who host a show called "On Second Thought" aired in California who attended the MJ 2005 Trial and wants to do a Documentary exposing Sneedon an Co. and show the general pubic MJ was innocent. What do u guys think? I trust him and would...
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    Aphrodite Jones interview with Michael's former doctor Dr. Patrick Treacy!

    "Was Michael Jackson really addicted to propofol? Aphrodite Jones meets with Michael's former doctor in Ireland, Dr. Patrick Treacy to get his thoughts." Michael Jackson's Death: Questioning Michael's drug Use...
  4. bluetopez

    Latoya on MJ Auptosy Report, Missing Surveillance Tape and Murray

    Since in the New CY interview Latoya talks about things related to the MJ Case, I thought I would make a new thread here highlighted those IMPORTANT parts only so we can discuss them in the proper section! Hope that is okay!? Check out the Full interview here including the audio...
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    The Today Show Interviews Latoya Jackson Important parts are when she talks about MJ, the Trial and that book of hers coming out about MJ and their family....
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    Ed Chernoff Discusses The Representation Of Conrad Murray Found it interesting when he said "Murder case" instead of Involuntary Manslaughter!
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    Rebbie Jackson exclusive interview with Eyewitness News!

    Jackson's sister speaks out on family tragedy "In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, a member of the Jackson family spoke about the pop icon's death." Rebbie speaks about MJ death, her daughter...
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    Dr. Patrick Treacy: Had experience with MJ and Propofol while in Ireland! / Interview posted at pg3 Pt.1 INFO: Patrick Treacy, is a cosmetic doctor and humanitarian from Dublin, Ireland, &#8220;I first met Michael after his Santa Maria trial when he was living in Ireland...
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    Interview with William Wagener: Sneddon Attempted to Frame Michael Jackson...I was there

    Hello! :) I didn't see this posted anywhere :scratch:so I hope it's okay!? I think everyone should listen to this interview that Willam Wagener recently did with Rev. Catherine Gross on her "A Place in your heart radio show!" He says many truthful and shocking things! He talks about the 05...
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    A sweet little girl named Jadagrace sings "Mr. Magic" her tribute to Michael Jackson Video! <3

    [b]A sweet little girl named Jadagrace sings "Mr. Magic" her tribute to Michael Jackson Video!
  11. bluetopez

    LaToya with one of MJ's biggest haters: Victor Gutierrez :O

    Hey I found this info on Face book then went to check it out where they were discussing it further here I hope PCR don't mind I copy what they wrote about hearing this, not sure if this is the same PCR that is on this forum? lol! I agree totally...
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    Ian Halperins MJ book! Need help finding an artical that EXPOSED the book first REAL INTENTIONS!!

    Hi, I hate to make a thread just to ask this question! But, I am having an debate on another forum about this guys book and trying to prove there that this book initially was gonna be about how he thought MJ was guilty of molesting children and how he was gonna prove it! But, of course when...
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    Grammy Nominations Concert on CBS!

    I don't know if this been posted yet? But, CBS is showing a special called Grammy nominations Concert and LL Cool J is the host and they did a small tribute to MJ with a few words from LL cool J they showed a few outfits of MJ from their Grammy museum and then the singer Maxwell sang MJ's "lady...
  14. bluetopez

    The Insider: Jo'Vonnie Jackson

    Tomorrow Jo'Vonnie Jackson will be on the Insider Crying about how she was the Bastard child of Joe.....OH LORD! Also how her first time meeting MJ was like!
  15. bluetopez

    The Insider:Exclusive MJ interview under oath!!

    CBS The Insider on Monday at 7:30pm est. Will show a never before seen interview of MJ under oath answering questions about something he may have signed, a contract or something? It shows him holding papers in his hands. He sometimes have reading glasses on or shades. Michael looks amazing in...
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    Cbs news up to the minute: Mj

    This weekend either sat or sunday at 4:30 am eastern time. I happen to flick the channel to cbs &saw mj face and pop in a tape on my dvd/vcr recorder and they were talking about his 50th b-day. TiTo, T-mez and genevieve jackson one of mj nieces was interviewed! Genevieve said mj is much more...