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  1. E-smooth

    Is anyone on Smule?

    If anyone is on Smule feel free to add me there I go by Myself _EricWilson_ and im mostly singing MJ when I have time to sing on the app!
  2. E-smooth

    umm i need halloween themes lol

    i have plenty of music but my mom wants to see if can find tv and movie themes for the door but i have so many songs yal. oh do yal ever use the jacksons song boogieman or eaten alive mj and diana.
  3. E-smooth

    Michael Jackson remix suite
  4. E-smooth

    I need help with drugs

    i think i have gone into depression and ive lost my sense of happyness my father is a police officer and i was driving home and got high and it rained and my truck locked up and i could barely turn the wheel but i almost did not care i think i wanted to die... and i have been turning to drugs...
  5. E-smooth

    my new video
  6. E-smooth

    Thank YOU

    My tribute to Michael Jackson
  7. E-smooth

    MY Tribute to Michael

    michaels impact in my dancing the reason why i dance. and love doing so. Thank you Michael Jackson
  8. E-smooth

    Michael in Heaven my thought

    for some reason i keep picturing michael in heaven as J5 michael as a child with his perfect fro. enjoying his childhood having water balloon fights i had that dream as i stayed home from work. i am very sick i think his passing is just taring me up. although i tried to hide it but now he is up...
  9. E-smooth

    Please tell me what you think of this video
  10. E-smooth

    Attention!!!! T25 Searchers and Michael Fans

    Fans Attention!!!!!!!!!!!! IF U have a SAMS CLUB N YOUR CITY you may be able to find T25 and also the Walmart Exclusive for people still in search of T25 sams club is part of walmart by the way. so run over there Today!!!. __________________
  11. E-smooth

    Target exclusive 1982 radio mix if yal wanna hear

    target billie jean 1982 radio mix guess this is the one that i have im not to impressed with this one it sounds like some weird club music no pun intended. sorry