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  1. Rudolf

    Man In The Mirror - Live 1988 Montage [Moonwalker + Grammy]

    Edit that focuses solely on the stage and Michael Jackson, hence all the screaming girls (no offense :) ) and archive stock footage replaced with Grammy 1988 performance.
  2. Rudolf

    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to this.
  3. Rudolf

    Dangerous tour Man In The Mirror long spins compilation

    There are plenty of great ones in Dangerous tour. Don't let Bad tour steal all the cake lol.
  4. Rudolf

    Best Of Billie Jean Live *montage* - for the 30th Anniversary of Billie Jean

    This is slightly late to post here, but I thought I would since most people don't visit 2000 watts forum. That is in case if some of you are interested to view video montages. It is not a definitive compilation of absolute 'for a fact' best moves. Just my perspective of something like how my...
  5. Rudolf

    Does your fandom make you feel like an outcast between others where you live?

    So how is your fanship. Are you between people that think about Michael Jackson alike or otherwise?
  6. Rudolf

    Bruce Willis appreciation

    He's probably my favourite actor. Epic is the word that sums up him and his roles.
  7. Rudolf

    The Angry Video Game Nerd appreciation

    He's awesome isn't he? lol
  8. Rudolf

    My drawings - horse, wolf, bird

    This was made last year. I really liked to draw this horse, was quite interesting. I'm not good at drawing people's faces, though. Once I drew one picture of Michael, but I think it turned out pretty bad :P Anyway, here's that horse :D Here's few more. But these are several years old.
  9. Rudolf

    Something like MJ dance rehearsal by me

    Rehearsing few certain moves. Some are repetitive, but not the same - different take. In other words - messing around :D lol
  10. Rudolf

    Does anything in real life makes other people to notice you're an MJ fan?

    Certainly not for me. I think most wouldn't expect that I'm an MJ fan. I don't even have any MJ posters in my room. All that would remind of MJ a bit is just one black fedora that I have. All my stuff is in computer. What about you? :)
  11. Rudolf

    [REQ] HQ pics of Michael with Freddie Mercury?

    Can anyone please post pictures of them together?
  12. Rudolf

    [REQ] HQ pics of MJ with fedora in 2005 in Dubai?

    Can anyone please share HQ pictures of MJ in Dubai in 2005 when he wore fedora?
  13. Rudolf

    Anyone who could help to teach spanish to noob like me?

    So, I've decided to learn very basics of spanish language. I already know few words. However, it will be hard for me to learn, cause I don't have to talk in spanish at all, except internet (and only if I would want to. main sites are in english anyway). Could anyone be so kind and post here very...
  14. Rudolf

    [REQ] what Michael wrote on this picture?

    My best guess is: To Travis. Remember, the sky is the limit. Climb every mountain, pioneer, inovate, believe in your ideals. Because you are God sent. Thank you. Michael Jackson (signature) Am I right?
  15. Rudolf

    Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean

    :D :lol:
  16. Rudolf

    Man In The Mirror - Live Video MegaMix (for those who can't view 2000 watts)

    I made a special thread for those of you who can't view 2000 watts section. I hope the staff will understand and won't remove this.. Thanks to DeDevil for helping me mixing audio. Without him it wouldn't have been done as it is now :) Performances used - Bad tour: 1st black jacket snippet -...
  17. Rudolf

    Performer's signature song

    When I think about some performer or band, I imagine the first song of them that comes up in mind. It's like ''their'' song. Almost like a signature. For me it's - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence Queen - We Will Rock You That's all I can think of for now. What...
  18. Rudolf

    Did Michael smoke?

    I'm sure he didn't. But look at this pic I found (below). Perhaps he's just posing with cigarette?
  19. Rudolf

    Favourite MITM outfit?

    Which is your favourite Man In The Mirror outfit? I can say honestly, it's very tough question for me. I really love all of them. Bad tour: blue shirt Bad tour: black jacket Bad tour: white shirt Dangerous tour: white shirt Royal Brunei concert: white shirt What More Can I...
  20. Rudolf

    Did Michael sing YRMW completely live in MSG 2001?

    I think he obviously sang it live. However, some bits sounded very close to studio recording. So, I can't decide now. What do you think?